At The Rail: Pollock on the American Classic

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After a blustery few weeks, a narrow weather-window opened to allow for Cheech and Jimmy to jump aboard the final headboat trip of the season, targeting the “Boston Bluefish” with a crew of die-hard anglers on the American Classic out of Lynn, Massachusetts.

Fish with Walsh’s Deep Sea Fishing aboard the American Classic

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1 thought on “At The Rail: Pollock on the American Classic

  1. Red

    Looks like Jimmy was using a genuine Lavjig (still hand made, right in Plymouth, MA) when he went old-school.
    Would be great to see you do a feature on Lavjigs btw.
    I like my Tsunami slowpitch rod for haddock and black seabass, and the spinning version works great for tautog jigging.
    But I still prefer a 12oz lavjig on a beefier combo for deep-water pollock. I like a rod I can swing doubles over the rail, without worrying.

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