At The Rail: Acadian Redfish with Eastman’s Fleet

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In this new video series from OTW, we celebrate the captains, the crews, and the culture of the Northeast’s party boat scene.

In our second episode, Jimmy Fee boards the Lady Merrillee Ann III at Eastman’s Docks in Seabrook, NH to target acadian redfish. These vibrantly-colored, delicious fish are located in the deepest, coldest waters of the Gulf of Maine, and serve as a perfect remedy to cabin fever.

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Gear and Tackle from the Episode:

Foul Weather:
Grudens Buoy X Gore-Tex Bib
Grundens 12″ Deck Boot

Grundens Steelhead Shirt
Grundens Deck Hand Hoodie

Rods, Reels, Line:
Maxel OceanMax 10
Tsunami Carbon Shield II
Seaguar Smackdown (50-pound-test)
Seaguar Inshore Fluorocarbon

Tackle Management:
Plano Z-Series Waterproof Backpack
Plano Edge Terminal 3700

Terminal Tackle:
Gamakatsu 5/0 Octopus Hooks
SPRO Power Swivel

Cooler and Drinkware:
Engel 65 Ice Box
Engel 30oz Prym1 Camo Tumblers

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