Androscoggin River Trout and a Look at the Float Stocking Program | S4 E06

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Gene Bourque heads to the Bethel, Maine, area to cash in on the Androscoggin River’s diverse trout fishery. The hatch is on, and trout are already rising by the time Gene and guide Rocky Freda get to the riverbank. Although the fish are actively feeding, the anglers must make a delicate approach. Using a caddis fly imitation, Gene is able to dupe some beautifully colored brook trout before moving to the main stem of the river, where larger browns and rainbows are riding the current in search of flies. Gene and Rocky fish the river by foot and drift boat as they hook these Androscoggin trout.

Later on, Bill Pierce of Maine Inland Fisheries and Wildlife drops by and describes the state’s float stocking program, which has experienced trout anglers releasing fish in prime trout habitat.

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