VIDEO: Surfcasting Viewed From Above

Gloucester, Massachusetts film maker Craig Kimberly shot and edited this beautiful footage of a fisherman surfcasting for striped bass off the rocks of Cape Ann.

You can see more of Craig’s work at



9 on “VIDEO: Surfcasting Viewed From Above

  1. Carl Vining

    We have stripers right now on both sides of Amelia Earhart dam but can’t get at them. Usually we can by march 1.we use small tube and worm 14″. Get up to 500 fish a month up to 40″ on freshwater side. Few holdovers on saltwater side until migration. Use small boat 12′ and electric engine. Troll very slowly. Some on rubber lures. Giving away our secret.

  2. steven beyer

    Surfcaster no boat and on foot, need location to fish for stripers. I live in Quincy. Any suggestions, love to surf cast. Stevie b

    1. Matt B

      Steven Beter. Use google maps and follow the coast from quincy to the canal. Get in your car and get out there. But try webb park in weymouth and the backside of Hull hs

  3. Pete Mirick

    Really fine video. Enjoyed the music, it was well edited, beautifully filmed, and it told a whole story without a single word. Outstanding! My compliments to the camera and crew that produced it.

  4. John Cherico

    Steven if you want to catch fish and live in Quincy the Massachusette Striped Bass Assn. You should look into this club .they meet the fourth Wed. Every Mouth at the Vikeing club on Rt 53 Across from Dunkin Donuts. There’re you will get mouth to mouth and hands on if you really want to learn .

  5. Richard Severy

    Heard new regs on Stripers caught in Maine…..What are they????? Thanks, dick

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