Video | How to Fillet a Fluke

Need to fillet a fluke, flounder or other flatfish? Watch On The Water’s Andy Nabreski slice a fluke into four bone-free fillets in this step-by-step video with helpful diagrams.

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  1. r.b.martin

    Thrilled to be reacquainted with the process of filleting a fluke ! I was taught by my grandmother after our first fishing adventure together many years ago. She had an arrangement to rent a small row boat on a seasonal basis and kept it tied up at the end of Hardy st. in Salem,Ma. I was asked, and readily agreed to row her wherever she wanted to go. I must have been all of 12 years of age then, and this was right up my alley! First we crossed the inner harbor to an estuary called Forest River for some eels, which she loved to eat, then we moved to our favorite flounder spot a bit further out from the mouth of the slow river / tidal basin. In those days we could fill a bucket with flounder in no time! Well after the very first time my grandmother showed me just once how to fillet the catch and left me to work on the remainder ! It wasn’t pretty at first, but by the time I finished with about 20 of those fish , I was getting real smooth. This video jogged my memory back to those awesome days ! My gram passed back in 1980 and I have only recently returned to fishing . I will think of her always as my fishing instructor and mentor. All I need now is a small craft to get myself out on the water instead of the crowded piers ! Soon I hope, I will check out our old fishing haunts! Thanks.

  2. hudson

    Fillet a fluke into quarters is the only way to go. I see too many people try to fillet the whole side and waste a lot of the edible fish. Taught to me by an old Greek fisherman, he was strict about wasting even the smallest amount of the fish even though back in the sixties they were plentiful. By the way if you tack a bottle cap to the end of a dowel, it make the perfect tool to hold the skin when removing from the meat.

  3. Dennis Sampson

    Taught the same way! Memories, it’s what keeps us going! My stepdad (DAD) took me fishing on his boat, 1957 20′ Johnson with cabin and 50 hp Johnson when I was six. (Now 62) He taught me the most important thing about fishing was how to fillet your catch. This was the method he taught me because it maximized what the fish offered for its sacrifice. I was about 9 filleting my fist fish with cut fingers and some tongue lashing, I finally met his standard. This started a love of the sea and what it has to offer. Thanks to my dad, I raised my family on boats (on #4) and can’t thank him enough!!! As the writer stated, we fish together every time there is a rod in my hand. Thanks for the article, brought back great memories!

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