Three New Albie Lures for 2020/21

There are several promising false albacore lures coming out for 2020 and 2021.

The Game On Exo Jig will be available in a new smaller size for 2020.

First, is the new size on a modern classic, the Game On EXO Jig. Previously available in 3- and 4-inch (1- and 1.5-ounce) sizes, the new 2.5-inch will be a match for smaller baits, while still providing plenty of casting distance with its 3/4-ounce weight. Game On has also introduced an “electric chicken” color to their EXO Jig lineup. The new size EXO will cost $8.

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Daiwa Zakana Jig

Then there’s the Daiwa Zakana Jig. Zakana is slang for small baitfish in Japanese. The smallest, 20-gram size is right in the wheelhouse of false albacore, and the large black eyes and bright colors are sure to stand out among the dense bait schools to trigger reaction strikes. The 20g Zakana has an MSRP of $8.

FishLab Flanker

Last, but not least is the FishLab Flanker. FishLab Tackle has partnered with big game bait producers, Fish Inc for 2021 and will be releasing the Flanker slim-bodied stickbait. This bait is designed for high-speed retrieve when fishing for fast-moving predators, like albies.

The Flanker will be available in Natural, Sprat, Clear Pearl, Funa, Frostie, Flash and Blue Dot color patterns, and will come in 3 1/3-inch, 3/4-ounce and 4 ½-inch and 1-ounce sizes. oz The stickball comes pre-rigged with Owner hooks, and will retail from $17 to $19.

Check Out Our ICAST 2020 Picks for the Best In New Fishing Tackle and Technology


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