The Next Great Fluke Bait?

Fluke fishermen are almost as prone to falling victim to passing fads as teenagers . Spin ‘n glow rigs, B2 squids and shedder crab oil are just a few of the must-have items that  now sit dust-covered (and leaking, in the case of the shedder oil) in my basement. More often than not, these items would catch a few fish, but fade out in a season or two. But every once in a while something comes along that sticks.

Belly strips, cut from the white side of a fluke are one of the very best natural baits you can use for big fluke. The combination of the natural flutter and scent make these strips deadly on doormats. But unwillingness to turn dinner into bait and complications regarding the regulations in some states make fluke belly an iffy proposition.

Some samples of the new Uncle Josh Meat belly strip baits arrived at our office today. If you do any bucktailing in saltwater or jig ‘n pig fishing in freshwater, you’re probably familiar with Uncle Josh. These new Meat baits are supple strips of pork without the tough rind found on the other Uncle Josh products. With fluke season right around the corner, I can’t wait to tip a bucktail or fashion a tandem rig with one of these baits.

Seeing that the Uncle Josh Meat baits are a natural material, they promise to have plenty of action, more than any synthetic bait could offer. They’ll be plenty durable, and they are soaked in fish-attracting scent. What do you think, will these belly strips be the next big thing in fluke fishing?

8 on “The Next Great Fluke Bait?

  1. Fred Ott

    I am dying to try these as Fluke belly has always been my favorite bait. New york no longer lets you use the real thing so I would love to see if these work. If they work it would be great and many anglers would on board. send me a sample please. I will use as soon as possible.

  2. Rodney Mcmillan

    Tried locating the 7″ belly strip chrt/wht for fluke. Where can I get some

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