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NY DEC Studying Mysterious Steelhead Deaths

Nutritional Deficiency Strongly Implicated in Increased Steelhead Mortality in Lake Ontario Tributaries Adult steelhead returning from Lake Ontario to the Salmon River in Oswego County are exhibiting signs of stress and elevated mortality rates due

Steelhead Firsts

Chris lifted the 11-foot fly rod and the tip came to life as a steelhead at the end of the line shook its head to rid itself of the chartreuse Estaz fly lodged in its lip.

…Or High Water

When making a fishing game plan, surfcasters rely on tide charts, offshore fishermen live by sea-surface-temperature maps, bass pros check the barometer and steelheaders look to the US Geological Survey  water flow data.

Keep Your Colors Fresh

I just got back from a few days in Pulaski, NY chasing steelhead with my friends Joe Cermele, Fishing Editor of Field and Stream and John Frazier, Editor of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters.