Surf- and Inshore-specific Fluorocarbon Leader from Seaguar

The benefits of fluorocarbon extend beyond its near invisibility underwater. For surf, and inshore fishermen, its abrasion resistance is equally appealing.

Seaguar, seeing the need for a leader tailored to rocky nearshore environments has unveiled the new Seaguar Inshore. This 100-percent fluorocarbon is the most abrasion-resistant leader produced by Seaguar to date. And it’s also, perhaps, the most affordable leader produced by Seaguar.

The price of other Seaguar leaders is driven by the “Double Structure.” Blue Label, Premier, and Gold Label leaders are made with a high-density inner resin that improves the tensile strength and sensitivity, while a softer exterior resin provides the “bite” needed to lock down a secure knot.

The Inshore is a single structure, and that keeps the price down. It’s designed for maximum abrasion resistance, but sacrifices a bit of sensitivity (no problem for fishermen using braided line) and tensile strength, which is overcome by a properly-set drag.

Seaguar Inshore is available in 100-yard spools of 12- to 80-pound test. Price ranges from $16 for a spool of 12-pound to $59 for 80-pound.



1 thought on “Surf- and Inshore-specific Fluorocarbon Leader from Seaguar

  1. Andrew Milmore

    my knee jerk was “oh great they want to sell us something else” but its nice to see its more affordable

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