Striper Poachers Keeping NJ Conservation Officers Busy

NJ Striper Poaching

Striped bass fishing, and the violations that sometimes go with it, have been heating up in the Newark Bay Complex and Hudson River.

On Sunday, April 9, 2017, DFW’s Bureau of Law Enforcement Conservation Officer Holmes and Lt. Kuechler patrolled the Newark Bay Complex. The officers inspected 15 fishermen and issued 10 summonses for violations of possession of undersized striped bass and possession of striped bass over the daily limit.

On the weekend of April 15, Lt. Kuechler, CO Holmes, CO Driscoll, and CO Ocampo patrolled the Newark Bay Complex and Hudson River. The officers inspected 65 anglers, issuing a total of 40 summonses for violations including possession of undersize striped bass, possession of striped bass over the daily limit and interference with the duties of a conservation officer.

The “bite” continued the next weekend with 29 anglers inspected and 18 summonses issued. The officers found 12 bass under the legal size limit, 9 taken over the daily limit and one instance of interference with the duties of a conservation officer.

(via the NJ Division of Fish and Wildlife Facebook Page)

66 on “Striper Poachers Keeping NJ Conservation Officers Busy

  1. Conor McCaffrey

    Wow. This is the stuff that makes my blood boil. Overheard some guys the other day complaining about their $10 salt licenses… little do they know that money goes towards keeping poachers like this from fishing, and ensuring the survival of the Striped Bass that we all know and love.

    1. RI Angler

      $10 for a year and that is cheapest thing you ever have to buy for fishing. people send more on their gears and bait. what a cheap bastard

      1. Frank

        You wouldnt have to poach if they let you keep a few of them its a fish there far from endangered its these damn tree hugers that missregulate and ruin the industry fishings not cheap and just cause you dont eat em doesnt mean you should push your agendas on me

  2. Trini

    Make these violations a federal offense or else they will still continue.

    1. Robert

      Keeping oversize fish should be a federal offense??? That would never happen. Just fine them a hefty amount and it should work.

      1. Manny

        You can catch the oversized fish but not the undersized

      2. 3am Sandy Fish Burger

        you can actually catch an undersized fish all you want, just have to release it.

        28″ and up folks, 1 fish, get with the program like the rest of us have.

        Glad these busts are happening, more fish will arrive in Maine for me to catch.

    2. T Garvey

      What a great idea!!…..unless your an illegal ….then it won’t count.

      1. T Garvey

        The Feds won’t prosecute bank robbers that are illegals…I don’t think poachers matter.

      1. al bonano

        dude crazy,deport them? i read the article,dont remember seeing anything about illegal aliens,,,,fine the crap out of them,confiscate their stuff,,hit em where it hurts

      2. Rick

        They do write salt water fishing rules in Spanish as well as other languages, don’t they???

      3. Chris

        My entire fishing life I’ve watched these foreigners , yes, foreigners , throw everything they caught in their pail . From little bait fish to sand crabs no bigger than the palm of your hand . Even then I said this is sad . But guess who would get their balls busted , even as a kid , back then . Yes yours truly , screw them nail me to the wall . Hit in the wallet . That’s always an attention grabber

      4. John Longberg

        I agree 100% with the fact that a good portion of the violators are “illegals”. Considering the areas being patrolled, they are all in close proximity to many of our so called “sanctuary cities”. Unfortunately, fines won’t get the job done. I’d like to see the statistics on just how many of these violators actually showed in court to pay the fines, and just how many were American citizens. Oh, that’s right, local and state law enforcement aren’t allowed to assist the feds in IDing illegals, so they take their names and addresses (likely alias’), and issue summonses, which in all likelihood will never be paid. Illegals should be deported, I don’t care how long they’ve been here. It’s a slap in the face to those who followed the long process and did come here legally. No, they’d rather go after the tax paying citizens, who have something to lose, and they know will pay their fines, after being searched and picked apart to find something they can fine you for, no matter how trivial. It’s a shame what this country is coming to.

      5. Robert

        How does that relate to deportation….Don’t tell me any of you have never kept an questionable fish. I think we should deport Kenny.

      6. tjd241

        Sorry Robert… Although I do agree deportation and assuming nationalities is over the top, projecting a “it’s close enough” mantra is pretty lame. I’ve never kept anything but a legal fish. There is no such thing as a questionable size fish. If you aren’t licensed you don’t fish. The creel limit is what it is. Criminals deserve punishment. These type of crimes deserve harsher punishment.

      7. 3am Sandy Fish Burger

        I’ve never kept an ‘illegal’ fish, which includes the questionable ones. I caught over 350 fish last summer alone, but just 2 keepers. and yes, they are delicious, and I don’t care if you don’t like the fact that I kept those 2.

  3. Jeffrey B Krushinski

    My only hope, aside from wishing upon these morons everything they deserve. is that these fish get donated to the needy and not go to waste.

  4. Mark

    keep after the poachers and keep fining them, eventually they will move onto to stealing something else that they can get away with.
    Thank you for your good work

  5. joe

    WTF!? Well over 50% of fisherman inspected were involved in violations? It seems like the punishment needs to be far greater, maybe impound their boats, multiple years without a fishing license, along with a much more significant fine than is currently being issued.

    1. ZG

      Agreed…with a violation percentage over 50%, the penalties need to be greater

  6. Joe

    The situation is really sad… these guys were wrong, fine, but the real criminals who are obliterating our various bio masses of fish are not the recreational fishermen,, including poachers, it’s the net boats and there isn’t crap being done about it…

    1. Robert

      Your comment is probably the most thoughtful and correct out of all. Can you imagine the number of fish being brought up in nets? I was out fishing in the Thames in CT and saw literally acres of scup floating and there was a commercial boat that just left. Probably couldn’t keep all of them so they had to throw them out after they were dead. How does that make any sense at all???

      1. tjd241

        I’ll settle for any and ALL prosecutions, let’s ban methods, and let’s roll back quotas until the message is received loud and clear. Regardless if it’s a poacher or a commercial boat, the 2 activities don’t cancel each other out. One isn’t less bad. No more excuses.

      2. Shoreline_Jim

        I don’t know what the answer is for commercial fishing. They are only allowed so many pounds of certain fish per day, yet once the nets go overboard, how can you limit the amount of fish that get caught? So if they can only bring in 300# and they catch 500#, then all those extra fish get tossed before they get back to the dock. Such a waste of resources.

    2. Harold Pope

      Agreed. Spank the crap out of these guys, but get real in chasing the real criminals.

    3. Paul Flatow

      Go into the fish markets, they are loaded with small stripers that we must toss.

  7. The Truth

    Race aside. All poachers should be prosecuted to the highest extent. The fines are a joke. Once caught there should be no second chances. You know what you are doing so now you pay the consequences. People really do suck. I have no problem dropping a dime on anyone poaching. It’s the third number that comes up on my phone. After daughter and wife of course. Well when we’re talking anyways

    1. Steve

      All you Gentlemen are correct! Hang him high because they’re going to continue without serious ramifications. Poachers need to pay the price. regardless. The NY Hudson River population end up in New England and at Block Island. There are breeders in the Hudson
      and if your fish are in the slot and caught by NYDEC “Hell hath No Rath”…….

  8. Robert Pazdan

    We had the same thing in Philadelphia several years ago along the Delaware river . Spanish speaking poachers were taking undersized fish and to many of them on tin cans with fishing line wrapped around them, with a hook and a sinker . They hid them in pizza boxes on the ground when officers approached. And when asked for I.D. they didn’t have any , they also said they didn’t speak English , and when asked where they lived they gave addresses to empty lots in North Philly. No fishing gear to confiscate , and no house to go to serve a warrent . Poachers should be locked up on the spot so they can’t pull that kind of bull- – – – !

  9. Joe GaNun

    This is not about the “innocent until proven” bullshit. You got caught with the fish. The evidence speaks for itself. Gavel down, whatever the fines are max, move along and get the hell out of my court. Give their equipment to some kids who could use some help and good times. Boats, cars etc….bye. Seized and sold at auction. All licenses revoked for a bunch of years, American or illegal . My $.05 and that’s the most sympathetic I can be on this topic.

  10. John Rywelski

    There is no race, other than subhuman, when referring to Poachers. Either our laws for this type of violation are not strong enough (if our fishing is governed by the FEDS, then the laws should be also), or not enough respectable fishermen are reporting the problem. As we all know, there are not enough DEC and Conservation Officers to patrol the hundreds or perhaps thousands of square miles of fishing grounds. The only way this gets resolved is when we decide to police ourselves. I’m not saying we should all become vigilantes. I’m saying; take note of those who are fishing around you. If you see something, say something. Every law abiding fisherman should have the local DEC and CO phone numbers in their contact list. Before calling, take note of the character who you see breaking the law. Get a license plate or boat registration number. Don’t ever think that it is none of your business. It is your business! Think of it as someone who cuts in front of you while you are standing in line. I’m sure you would not hesitate to say something to that individual. Or perhaps someone violates your personal property. I’m sure you won’t stand by and let that happen. So while you’re out there with a line in the water and the bite is slow, look around, see who else is out there and take note of what they are doing. Again, if you see something, SAY SOMETHING.

  11. tom Manion

    yeah it just keeps getting worse every year,,and what little game wardens we have it makes it harder on them in every which way.

  12. Chris Carlson

    Another week of great reports of Stripers …another week some assholes get busted for keeping under the limit stripers…. every week!

  13. Brian J

    They should be given the chance to eat the fish raw or be severely penalized for it but they have to eat the whole fish and every fish because they wanted them so bad and they should lose their fishing license for 5 years automatically

  14. Shayam sooklal

    I would like to see more of them more often especially memorial day weekend coming up soon. The violators have no respect for the rules and the law, just keep increasing the fines to teach them a lesson

  15. John

    Just surprised at the percentage of boats stopped that had poached fish. Imagine all the boats they missed

  16. Eric Osborn

    The Delaware bay has a bigger problem, that is the Salem nuclear plant, the amount of fish killed has the bay devastated. Fishing is so bad with all species, I stopped taking the boat out, the marina’s are almost empty of boats still sliping, and yes people are still poaching, especially on the tributaries coming off the bay.

  17. skip

    confiscate their gear, AND hit with a BIGGER FINE.
    this is OVER 50% of the guys inspected were in violation!!!

    something is not working here.

  18. Michael Tucker

    I have no respect for this ignorance. I believe the individual(s) should be arrested, Placed in jail until such time as a hearing takes place and that you also confiscate all of their fishing gear and if they have a boat the boat or if the items are in their vehicle then that as well.

    It seems this is happening more and more each day.

    Thank you to the men and Women of the Fish and Game / Department of Conservation or other divisions they may have over site.

  19. Tj

    Glad to see them busted. For the many times we release shorts and go home empty handed and others keep any thing they catch. All I can say is karma works!!!

  20. Andre

    It seems the more people that take under sized fish just keeps coming. Every body carries cell phones keep carrying them if you see something let the game people know this has to stop or we will not have anything to fish for good job guys

    1. Frank bass

      Its your civil right to fish for free unless you live in a comunist state like rhode island where you cant keep.anything because you have no rights sanctuary states suck ass put peoples lifes and homes in jeopardy n still wont let ya catch but one bass a day dumba crats destroying your life one law at a time

  21. Roman

    This is really sad. The reports keep coming in. The problem is with the judicial system. When are we going to make it really painful when you get caught. The judges in this country are crooks. They can do whatever they want without any consequence. They can never be fired or held accountable. It’s a slap in the face to all of us who follow the regs and these guys get caught and are let off with a slap on the wrist, you see it in the commercial sector. Give a judge an education, send him to kindergarten!!

  22. WOODY


  23. TOM

    I’m all for punishment that fits the crime but that doesn’t put those bass back in the water. If the poachers think the chances of being caught are low, stiffer penalties are unlikely to stop them.

    IMO, the best way to deal with this is to put more resources into enforcement so the risk of getting caught goes up, way up. Who among us doesn’t drive over the speed limit if we think the cops aren’t watching? Even Chief Justice Roberts admitted to speeding now and then during a Supreme Court hearing!

    Unless the Conservation Officers are doing some sort of racial profiling, you gotta believe that most of those poachers are just plain old white guys who didn’t think they would get caught.

  24. Frank bass

    I will continue to fish and keep what im allowed and struggle to put some meat on the table anyway it sucks when ya spend 75 dollars to go fishing and can only bring home twenty dollars worth of fish to feed your family no wonder evdrybodys getting cancer where forced to eat foreign **** even beefs gettin shipped from europe now go mad cow it will be here soon

  25. Sammy

    Some areas you will rarely get a keeper, so locals might bend the rules. Some more lenient size regulations in some areas might do good. But the greedy m0f0s that keep EVERY thing i hate them, they suck. If you try to get a bang for your buck go to costco. I hope they chock on a big eel.

  26. Jim Dodrill

    Wow, these regs are hard to believe. I regularly fish Lake Powell, Utah. Their is NO LIMIT or size restriction on striper. Last trip cam home with over 100 # of filets.
    Headed to Main for a month of fishing. Can’t even land an Atlantic Salmon! Only one stripper and has to be over 28″! Guess I’ll fish for the trash fish to be safe.

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