Striper Migration Map – May 13, 2016

Striper Cup Catch Release2016 Striper Migration Map

Big post-spawn stripers are moving out of Chesapeake and Delaware bays and heading up the coast. Will they reappear to feast on the bunker (menhaden) that are amassing in thick schools from New Jersey to Boston Harbor?  Fresh schoolie stripers have been reported as far north as Maine, and more bass over 30 inches are being reported from Long Island to Boston Harbor.

Melanie Sturm from the American Sportfishing Association caught this beautiful striped bass at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay this week on board Bay Hunter.
Melanie Sturm from the American Sportfishing Association caught this beautiful striped bass at the mouth of Chesapeake Bay this week on board Bay Hunter.

Chesapeake Bay Striper Report

The Maryland DNR reported that the upper bay region is still producing a few large striped bass along the steep channel edges for boats trolling umbrella rigs, tandem parachutes and bucktails dressed with sassy shads or spoons at various depths, but the majority of the large post-spawn striped bass have moved farther south. Ocean City surfcasters reported the first north-bound post-spawn striped bass along the beaches this past weekend. The lower bay region offers some of the best chances at the large post-spawn striped bass that are taking their time in leaving Maryland’s waters. This may be due to the large amount of menhaden that can be found in the region.

New Jersey Striper Report

Post-spawn striped bass are moving out of Delaware Bay. Bass to 20 pounds have been landed in the bays and rivers in South Jersey. In North Jersey, it’s a little tough to catch any bass with all the bluefish around, but the enormous of schools of bunker off the beaches should get discovered by big migrating bass soon. Spawning-size bass have been reported from Staten Island up into the Hudson River.

New York – Long Island Striper Report

Hudson River had reports of spawning stripers this week. Bass to 20 pounds are being caught at the West End of Long Island, and big bluefish are in. Read more in the Long Island Fishing Report.

Connecticut Striper Report

Stripers in the 30- to 40-inch range are chasing herring and bunker along the coast and into the tidal rivers. View the Connecticut Fishing Report.

Rhode Island Striper Report

Stripers to 36 inches have spread out from the South County beaches to Narragansett Bay. Fish to 20 pounds have been caught in the upper bay and in rivers around schools of bunker. View the Rhode Island Fishing Report.

Cape Cod Striper Report

Schoolies are abundant in the Buzzards Bay harbors and along the south side of the Cape and Martha’s Vineyard. A greater number of keeper-size bass to 30 inches were caught this week in Buzzards Bay, from worm “hatches” on the south side, and in the Cape Cod Canal. Cape Cod Fishing Report

Massachusetts Striper Report

Schoolie stripers are in from Plymouth to  Plum Island, and there have been reports of more 20- to 30-inch fish mixing in with the abundant 14-inchers. Read about it in the Massachusetts Fishing Report

New Hampshire and Maine Striper Report

Schoolie stripers are in New Hampshire and Southern Maine waters! Read about it in the New Hampshire and Maine Fishing Report.


4 on “Striper Migration Map – May 13, 2016

  1. Antbony

    I go out today let you know how the day goes on the Klondike out of New York

  2. Jack

    The incredible inaccuracy of these migration maps always gives me a good laugh. Are you guys basing this on anything other than loose fishing reports from random people?? Seriously, it’s so wrong.

  3. Jed Norris

    I live in central N.C. and the Stripers have not gotten into the Outer Banks or even Rudee Inlet (Virginia Beach) Va. in over three years. I want to travel far enough North so I can get a Charter where I can have the opportunity to catch (and possibly keep) a #30 Striper. I need info. on how, when and who to contact to make that happen. Please E-mail

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