Striper Migration Map – May 11, 2015

Big Post-Spawn Bass Leaving Chesapeake Bay

Striper Migration Map


According to the Maryland DNR, anglers on the Susquehanna Flats last week witnessed large scale spawning activity by striped bass. Anglers reported striped bass splashing everywhere, as large cow striped bass came up to the surface and male striped bass aggressively butted into their bellies to release the eggs inside for external fertilization. Fishing for striped bass near the Susquehanna Flats ended on May 3 and will be closed until May 16th.

Post-spawn striped bass from the Susquehanna Flats area should be making their way down the bay this week so prospects are high for good fishing this weekend in the upper bay.

Last week, there was also a big striped bass spawn on the Choptank and Nanticoke rivers and most likely the Patuxent and Potomac rivers also.

Post-spawn fish have begun to leave the Bay and are heading up the coast toward New Jersey. In the next week or two, we expect to hear reports of some large bass colliding with bunker schools off the Jersey Shore.

Overall, the striper spawn in the Chesapeake has been “steady and protracted.” Cross your fingers for a big 2015 year-class!


Stripers are spawning in the Delaware River. Look for big post-spawn fish to begin showing up in Delaware Bay catches any day.


New Jersey’s bluefish bonanza continues, with the ravenous blues beating up bunker schools in the bays and along the beaches. Some anglers are fighting their way through the bluefish and catching quality stripers into the high teens. The large post-spawn bass from the Chesapeake have yet to make an appearance in New Jersey, and the large stripers that were in Raritan Bay appear to have gone into the Hudson River to spawn.


More keepers are being caught on Long Island, on both shores. Schoolies have been reported all way out to Montauk. A few fish into the teens have been reported, but it’s still mostly schoolies that anglers are finding.


Holdover striped bass is very good in the rivers, at the river mouths, and on the beaches of Long Island Sound. More 30-inch-class stripers have been reported this week, particularly around river herring runs.


Greater numbers of fresh schoolie striped bass to 30 inches have been reported in recent days from the south-facing Rhode Island shorelines and inside Narragansett Bay.


Over Mother’s Day weekend, fresh stripers were reported in Buzzards Bay, along the south side to Chatham, in the Cape Cod Canal and along the Sandwich beaches on the Cape Cod Bay side. River herring runs are loaded, squid are in thick off Onset, and there have been reports of worm hatches in the south side estuaries.

North of the Cape, stripers have been reported in Plymouth Bay, the North River in Scituate, Boston Harbor, and along the North Shore. Cape Ann estuaries produced numbers of fish on Sunday.


With waters warming rapidly and striped bass as far north as Plum Island, we expect to hear of the first fresh schoolies arriving in New Hampshire Seacoast waters any day now.  Southern Maine should have stripers before the end of the week!

23 on “Striper Migration Map – May 11, 2015

  1. Tommy G

    I can’t contain myself enough because it’s so nice to hear they are in Boston Harbor and the South Shore. I’ve been down here in Florida on the Treasure Coast am I didn’t wet the line once. I’m flying back to the Bean this Friday and I’m planning on getting to the waters that I love to fish. Thanks for the heads up guys and good luck…..Tommy G

    1. kyle

      I fished all day at the canal yesterday and no one was catching anything at all.
      All the migrating fish are on all the south cape beaches and estuaries.usually I already have a couple dozen fish under my belt by now but like I said the canal bait shops are giving false reports to bring in costumers.i went to canal bait and tackle and they reported fish on the west end.i fished their for hours and not even a rat.give it a couple of weeks and the fish will be around.
      Tight lines

    2. john

      Only holdover in those areas sorry I don’t know where these guys are getting their information? ????????????

  2. steven

    Fished mount sinai harbor 3 nights over the past week, tons of bunker, no stripers yet.

    1. john

      Yeah I live in mass and I usually start catching schoolies in late April I can’t believe you haven’t caught anything in new York yet.
      I have a feeling that it is going to be a really bad year.

  3. Dave Durfey

    Fished a ton on Saturday and Sunday all along the West side of the Cape and the canal. Caught nothing but wind knots and a tan. I clearly don’t know what I am doing!

  4. John

    South Texas redfish, trout BAD FLYFISHERMAN would like to know more about Striped Bass, guides, best locations, seasonality, equipment, etc., etc.
    Where is the single best place? The best time? Best source for all the above?

    1. john

      Sorry but nobody will give you that information they don’t call us mass holes for nothing.

  5. David Durfey

    Fished the south side and west side beaches as well as the canal all day Saturday/Sunday. Caught nothing but wind knots and a sun burn. Clearly I don’t know what I am doing!

  6. Donald

    I caught 4 schooled around 14-21in and the guy next to me caught 1 around 12in in lynn this evening. Can’t wait till the big ones arrive.

    1. Steve

      I can confirm schoolies in the Marblehead, Salem and Beverly areas. “Rumor” has it that a “keeper” (28″+) was caught in the Swampscott area; however, the source is solidly reliable.

  7. Julio

    Striper have been few and far between over in NY, I’ve gone out from Sheepshead Bay twice and both times only 1 or 2 keepers have been cought. My friends tell the same story.
    Going out again this weekend

  8. Greg

    A few fish (<5) being caught north of BB should not be described as fish being reported in PLY, etc… Outside of a stray schoolie, nothing is being caught. Should change in next few days, but let's not exaggerate the situation – everything is 2 weeks behind this year.

  9. Chris

    It’s still very early up here in Salisbury area ..we got a super late start on our spring and the water temps are coooold !! We’ve been struggling to put a solid weather week together but it’s gotta get here sooner or later….pray for sun and warmth cause I too think we are a couple weeks behind…patience is my best advice….

  10. Dave

    Caught a few schoolies today as well as a 36″ 18lb on bunker chunk in South Kingstown Salt Pond. Saw many anglers on the rocks of Charlestown Breechway catching dozens of schoolies as well prior to me linking up with the big ones in the pond.

  11. sam b

    Fished the mouth of the Merrimack two days in a row no action for me yet.

  12. Josh

    Caught a 21 inch schoolie striper at Newport Monday. Thinking about going on Saturday night.

  13. brian

    they were in Raritan harbor last wensday early bluefish at will got one 34 in keeper and the rest of the boat did about the same 8 guys 7 keepers 20 blues great day good luck

  14. scott

    Keepers r here!!!! Its about time been fishing for weeks and just in the last week they’ve just appeared. Love it

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