Striper Migration Map – June 4, 2021

2021 Striper Migration Map

Last weekend’s storm shuffled the striper deck a bit, but as the weather settled down, the fishing returned to form. There are still plenty of very big stripers feeding off New Jersey and spreading along both shores of Long Island. Rhode Island seems to be getting a fresh influx of larger fish, and larger stripers are spreading out in Massachusetts, and there have even been reports of 40-plus-inch fish as far north as Maine.

Remember that striper fishermen are now required to use circle hooks when using natural bait. Also, let’s all do our best this season to make sure that any stripers we release swim away healthy.

Striper Migration Map – June 4, 2021

Chesapeake Bay Striper Fishing Report

Water temperatures are rising, and in parts of the Upper Bay, oxygen levels are low at the bottom of the water column, which means stripers are hanging in the upper part of the water column. Many of the stripers being caught are below the 19-inch minimum, so be sure to practice good C+R habits! As of June 1, all tidal areas in Maryland are open to fishing for striped bass. 2021 regulations for recreational striped bass fishing in the Chesapeake Bay are available on the DNR website.


New Jersey Striper Report

In southern New Jersey, the boat fishing for stripers has been sporadic t, but there are still some 40-inch-plus fishing cruising along the South Jersey beaches. The South Jersey backwaters are still full of stripers to 30 inches.

Raritan Bay continues to produce big bass, and the fishing bounced right back for boats on the ocean side targeting big bass.  Last weekend’s weather also seemed to move some large fish into surfcasting range, where fisherman have been catching 30-plus-pound bass on clams and cut bunker.

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New York Striper Report

Fishing for big stripers is improving at both ends of the island on the South Shore, and schools of 20- to 40-pounders are beginning to set up in the Sound.


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2021 Striper Cup

Connecticut/Rhode Island Striper Report

Big bass continue to move in and feed throughout Narragansett Bay, while the fishing for larger stripers has been slower to pick up in Connecticut.


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Cape Cod/Massachusetts Striper Report

Stripers of 30-pounds and larger have been reported in Buzzards Bay and the Cape Cod Canal, and larger fish seem to be moving into Cape Cod Bay as well, seemingly by way of the Canal.  Fishermen are finding 30-pounders along the South Shore and into Boston Harbor. On the North Shore, anglers are beginning to see 20-pound bass.


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New Hampshire/Maine Striper Report

Fishermen are finding 30-inch fish consistently inside the rivers of Maine and New Hampshire, and there have been a few reports of fish larger than 40 inches.

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