Stricter Fluke Limits Likely in 2016

The Mid-Atlantic Fishery Management Council announced last week that summer flounder (fluke) have suffered several consecutive years of low spawning success. Although this is a biological issue and not related to overfishing, it likely means a tightening of fluke regulations come 2016. The harvest reductions needed are estimated at a whopping 43%. Already, New York pols are looking for ways to phase in such reductions over several years as such a drastic cut would devastate NY’s fluke fishery. Read more….

19 on “Stricter Fluke Limits Likely in 2016

  1. Jon hufnagle

    I fish sandy hook ..Getting worse not better. Take my kids fishing and throw back heavy netters throw 40 inches stripers in front of us dead .explain that one to them. Not one but 20 some on .bad regs ..same goes for fluke on commercial. Boats..go back to tonage.but they check my boat hold me up for an hour for what??? I drive over 2 hours plus drydock and idiots at ramps ..that’s a 200 day for what? Plus the cops on the ways.thank god I love salt water.did I say enough .venting

    1. Tom

      Welcome to America where your social status and relevence to America is determined by the size of your wallet not your intent

  2. ken

    Short-term economic gain for a few, at the expense of the future of the fishery.
    Before following the greedy captain over the cliff, take a look at the past results of delaying scientific harvest reductions.

    In the early 2000’s a large reduction in the weakfish quota was urged by ASMFC biologists.
    They warned of a total collapse of the entire weakfish stock, if the cuts were not implemented. Tom Fote New Jersey’s ASMFC representative , the RFA and others fought the quota reduction and won. Everybody was happy, commercial and sport fisherman continued to feast on the weakfish. However, the good times were short-lived. As predicted by the biologist , by 2009 the weakfish stock was beyond depleted. It was so bad, an endangered species listing was suggested by the USFWS rep.. This was the result of complete incompetence by the ASMFC weakfish board. They continue to make poor management choices today, that have resulted in a slower recovery of the weakfish stock (Commercial sale of weakfish) .

    If you take a look at ASMFC’s striped bass management decisions , you will find the same incompetence. In pretty much in the same order.

    Summer Flounder, I have documented data that shows a steep decline in my summer flounder catch rate over the last three years. Everyone I have spoken with has experienced the same.

    All facts and reasons considered, I fully support a 43% reduction in the overall summer flounder quota.

    In addition, the recreational summer flounder keeper size limit should be reduced to under 17.5″. This will take the pressure off breeding size summer flounder. 98% of summer flounder over 18″ are female. Removing the females of any species, results in a lower population.

    1. peter okeefe

      yes thats the answer…the same govt that robs us of half our earning so they can grow beyond redemption is gonna solve natures problems…I have a nice bridge for sale in brooklyn

    2. Tom

      Fishermen see the wanton waste and disregard for fair and balanced legislation. The united states has sold that to the highest bidder. People actually support these efforts but when the corporate murderers come and just wreak on anything standing ? no we do not support the effott

  3. Chris

    Ken you said basically what I was going to say. About the current size limit. They say it doesn’t have to do with over fishing, that it’s a spawning issue. Well when all we are basically keeping are females, it makes it rather hard to for the fish to reproduce. Can’t count how many 16-17.5″ fish are a pound and a half plus. That’s a nice eating size. 2 of them feeds my family dinner. Also the regionalization needs to be done away with. 18″ fluke in NY waters is too easy. NY has always had bigger fish. When it was 21″ that was a bit excessive and didn’t agree with that. The we share similar waters NY spewed holds no merit. Delaware and Jersey share the Delaware Bay. Jersey is 18″, Delaware is 16″. They will come up with some crazy proposition of 2 fish at 20″.

  4. Mike

    I fail to see the logic of determining the keeper size of any fish. For instance:
    I’m not a scientist but how many eggs will a 24″ striper lay? A couple hundred? But a 36″ cow it could be 6 figures. So it’s OK to take the prime breeding stock, but not a smaller fish.
    I would propose 1 smaller bracket fish, say 18″ and one over 28″. I’ve also found a smaller fish tastes better. The legal, bigger ones get that iodine taste.

  5. ron

    i am glad i fish for flounder in nova scotia, canada where the flounder are plenty and we are allowed 10 per day any size. the stocks up here are getting larger all the time.

  6. Jim ordner

    We should lower the size let the big fish produce and shorting seadson at times we overfish rember longbranch fishing pier whiting ling all gone great days in winter time I belong Arthur killies fishing club of Elizabeth great club good guys we have good and bad days we have. Pleanty food beer and have fun on the mijoe Atlantic highlands nj have good year fishing

  7. Sir Plugs-A-Lot

    There is NO ONE that’s going to convince me that industrial fishing isn’t at fault here. Push out the dredge boundaries and when a boat retires kill the license. The recreational angler Fines for violating bag limits should be crushing. And if a Capt cant prove they are minimizing bio catch after 3 audits pull the license and you guessed it “KILL THE LICENSE”. Jeez How many tractors can plow a field? Same applies here. P.S. I’m a researcher and a Rec Capt. Ive been fishing NE waters for 45 years and never not once violate the regs.

  8. hookspiter

    I’m missing if we lower the size limit so we can catch 16″ fish we will have more flounder.

    For everyones information there are plenty of flounder off NJ. The problem is they are 40 miles off shore. Talk to any scallop boat captains they will tell you they can’t keep them out of their dredge. Also the fish off the NJ coast are being taken by commerical boats from Va, NC and SC where they are permitted bigger landings. Nj has a 1000lb landing other states have a 10000lb landing.

  9. jose

    yeah fluke at 18 inch is nuts. especially for those who do surf fishing. kinda impossible to get lucky and catch a legal size fluke. pretty annoying and not fun lol. they need to reduce the size in these fish.

  10. Andre

    I love fishing off the Jersey shore, but will not go out on charter boats to try to catch 5 fish at 18 inches. I would much rather spend the day fishing for ling sea bass or cod. How many people have gone out fluke fishing for the last few years coming home with only 1 or 2 fish and often none. The commercial boats destroyed the whiting fishery and last year we came upon thousands of ling floating on the surface dying also due to the commercial fleet. Why not put pressure on the commercial regulations. I doubt very much that the recreational fisherman is causing the depletion of fish. We are in it for recreation and fun not for financial gain. I feel sorry for the charter captains that are doing their best to provide us with a day of enjoyment while trying to earn a living for their families and employees. I do applaud the attempt to prevent over fishing but regulations are not supported by valid data and do not really addresws the source of the problems.

    1. michael c turner

      I agree whole heartedly.Over the past two years,have caught well over 100 THROWBACKS,on several boat trips,most of time has only been one or two KEEPERs for a WHOLE boat of anglers,sometimes 20 plus anglers,
      Atlantic City,Belmar,Perth Amboy.Horrible and super depressing.

  11. Joe

    Just keep some fish for yourself, screw the limits and screw the government. Keep your eyes open and be smart about it

    1. peter

      exactly cant convince me a few thousand fisherman up and down the northeast coast have anywhere near the impact that commercial boats do. The people who make up these regulation have a job to do and thats to scare people and get paid. Then they convince the weakminded that only by enlarging there size and power can fish be saved.I read the above posts and cringe that the descendants of madison and jefferson can be guilt ridden fishmongers!!

      1. Den

        I agree with you peter. Especially if i am not mistaken the size limit is lower for commercial boats.

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