States Weighing Striped Bass Regulation Options for 2015

*Updated March 17, 2015

Last fall, at a meeting in Mystic, Connecticut, the Atlantic States Marine Fisheries Commission’s Striped Bass Management Board voted to implement new coastwide recreational striped bass  regulations of 1 fish per day at a minimum size 28 inches, which scientists estimated would achieve a 31% reduction in the harvest.

However, they also gave states the option to form their own “equivalent” regulations, as long as they achieve at least a 25% reduction.

Every state is approaching this option differently, with some state managers accepting the 1-fish bag limit and other states attempting to come up with 2-fish solutions.

Here is the breakdown by state. We’ll update this information as it changes.


Maine: Two options are being considered.

Option A: One fish 28″ or larger.

Option B: One fish slot, 24″ to 26″


New Hampshire: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

Massachusetts:  Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

Rhode Island: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

Connecticut: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

New York: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

New Jersey:  Daily limit for striped bass:  1 fish 28″ to <43″ AND  1 fish equal to 43″ or greater

Delaware: Delaware’s Division of Fish & Wildlife held a public hearing on the recreational options in early 2015. Delaware’s 2015 recreational regulation will be set after thorough consideration of public input.

Maryland: An official announcement has not yet been made.

Virginia: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.

North Carolina: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish per day, 28″ or larger.


141 on “States Weighing Striped Bass Regulation Options for 2015

  1. jim maher

    every state should be the same. one fish 28 inch is enough. leave the big fish alone.

    1. BIG-RY

      everytime I keep reading up on the new striped bass regulations for 2015 I sit here and scratch my head and can’t understand how these new regulations are supposed to work…atleast REALLY work well(obviously I know cutting back to 1 fish will do something) but I feel like in order to really make a change there absolutely needs to be a slot limit, think about it all the the big fish are females/breeders, it’s rare that a fish 35″+ would be a male, so how are we gonna make drastic changes if we’re still able to keep a fish as long as it’s bigger than 28″, this means we can still catch the cows and keep them, and like I said yes I understand the 1 fish limit will keep someone from keeping 2 cows but I think they all need to be saved and in 5 years we would have unbelievable fishing we could only have dreamed of. I think what would be a good regulation is 1 fish 28″-34″ and maybe 1 trophy fish a season THAT MUST BE TAGGED AND REPORTED! Besides the smaller fish are better eaten anyways. I don’t know maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but that’s my say in this.

      1. Charlie DeVerna

        And , I would like to add that J hooks have no place in the striper fishery. Charter boats kill so many fish when using clams. They are throwing dead fish back in the water , whether shorts or over the limit. Recreational guys should not be allowed to fish bait on a treble. The “6” packers love jigging bunker on their 2oz trebles and let them swim till they are inhaled, swallowed and even idiots cant lose that fish…and that fish is dead ! I have always been in favor of a slot leaning towards 24-30 or 28-32. I agree with all these comments about saving the cows.

      2. jim

        Your suppose to use an off set circle hook for cut bait and clams. An off set circle hook only hooks the bass in the lip, it’s the law. I’ve never deep hook a stripe bass, circle hooks should be used for live bait also.

      3. pat

        How about artificials only. NO RECREATIONAL BAIT

      4. captwc

        Not being able to use No trebles with live bait… then what? A year or two later what no bait?? A year after that no trebles on plugs?? What a year or two later no plugs. And so on and so on…….Cause let me be very clear here.. once you start something there is ALWAYS A SNOWBALL EFFECT. Education is the best tool here learn how to remove a treble property if you can’t get to itcut as close to hook as possible Bronze hooks treble or J style will rust out sooner than most think. As far as bag limits. Nobody needs to kill 2 big Bass a day. But until the fish (bass) have a few good year classes of spawning. It don’t matter what people do. We meaning EVERY STATE on the eastern seaboard could shut down the rec and comm. Harvest for years to come. But if there is poor year classes in spawning it’s simple NO BASS… you all have to remember back when there was a moratorium we had quite a few recorded years of spawning in both Hudson and Chesapeake watersheds. That the real and only reasons for the booming 90s and early 2000s. CWFF.

      5. Jeremy Johnson

        You can still gut hook a fish with a circle hook. I’ve seen it done many, many times and they are WAY harder to disgorge once swallowed. An attentive angler is the best defense against gut hooking.
        Judging by many of the hand wringing comments on this site and the overall coverage of this magazine I suggest everyone stop fishing for stripers. Perhaps take up knitting.

      6. john

        seriously?? Let’s punish the recreational guy and not touch commercial limits What a joke.Apparently its ok to keep 30 cows a week if you have a boat permit , and four more a week from shore, plus your one a day…Are you for real?

      7. jim

        that makes sense. caught over a hundred bass under 28″. pretty sure they were males. one nice keeper around 43″. of course the shorts went back. maybe a spring and fall tags for cow? one for each season. fall is a good time to catch cows. spring cows in the ocean already spawned. bays should be off limits in the spring even for catch and release.

      8. cosmo

        like your tag idea, would keep the googans out of the mix

      9. John C

        What do you mean bays should be off limit even for catch & release? By the time the cows get up here to New England, they have already spawned. Why don’t we ban fishing all together and then that will solve everyone’s problem.

      10. jim

        tags for all legal fish taken will slow down the harvest. get two tags, then when there used up you can replace them, limit 10 per year. I notice when I was fishing and the fish are there people catch two then go home and return the same day and harvest two more. It’s suppose to be two in a 24 hour time period. Going after poachers would reduce harvest by a lot, also. As usual the law abiding fisherman pay the price. I’ve seen commercial fishing boats using there nets within the mile mark.

      11. Ruckusbro

        How about stopping all Commercial fishing for 5 years and 1 fish a day 28 to 36″ for Recreational.

      12. rich

        stopping the commercial fishing is a good solution because of the numbers they can catch daily. recreational anglers only take a small portion of the fish. last year off Rhode Island and also off the Cape the commercial guys sat on those pods of stripers for weeks until they cleaned both groups out.

        honestly, to be fair to all groups a moratorium for several years until the stock recovers is probably the best solution.

      13. Thad

        Think they should use a slot limit like they did with red fish. I feel anything over 32inch should be let go there the breeders.

      14. Bob Rose

        Agree whole-heartedly that we need to have a slot limit as was done with redfish. Let the sows go.
        Bob Rose

      15. Brian

        I agree with you hundred percent what are they thinking like you said in five years the fishing will begood again.hopefully someone will rethink this.

      16. John

        Check out the fact that recreational anglers took the hit again and the states haven’t met with the commercial industry yet, take one fish from Peter to pay Paul. They will receive more allotment on tons.

      17. Ryan D

        I go to obx(hatteras village)2 times a year and they have a slot on red drum..1 fish @18″-28″..the best fishing recently in my life is always down there. They know how to protect there fish. I grew up fishing jersey stripers and I’m disgusted with how it has fallen off. My grandfather taught me respect that’s what’s lacking in my opinion. People are more concerned about ego then good ethics. I’m 32 and have caught fish in the 30 and 40 pound class all released with my pop. I know now that he’s gone he’s rolling over in his grave at what is going on.

    2. “Uncle Garry”

      some of the brackets are going to create issues with people “dumping” fish. Fish that are kept between the lower bracket, then a fish in the larger bracket is caught.. The smaller fish being “dumped” or thrown back dead. I say leave the cows alone!! Maybe everyone get 5 cow tags for the year

      1. cosmo

        the biggest fish I kept last year was 36″… way more than enough for a dinner party of eight…no need for bigger unless people have a napoleon complex

      2. John

        Only caught one keeper last year. It was 29 1/2.” It was big enough to feed my Dad, Mom, Sister, Uncle, Grandfather and family friend for a meal. Or it could have fed my family for multiple nights.

    3. Tony D

      New Jersey: Daily limit for striped bass: 1 fish 28″ to <43″ AND 1 fish equal to 43″ or greater
      Bonus Tag ???
      What will be the size limit on the 3rd Fish (if any)?
      Do you have to fill out your quota before the bonus tag can be used? I think you should.
      for instance – lets say the Bonus tag is 28" or greater.
      can i keep another 28" fish without having a 43" on the boat?
      I say get rid of the Bonus Tag all together.

      1. Jeremy Johnson

        We should have 1 @ 28″ and over and the bonus tag 1 @ 24″-28″ or 28″ and over
        The 43″ or over is just stupid.
        Don’t cry baby about our bonus tag either. If you outlaw the commercial fish like we did you should get one too.

  2. Michael Dunlap

    To the states arguing for a 2 fish creel, you suck! You don’t get it. We fought to protect the fish, the very same fish you are squabbling to include in your limit. The big fish, the oldest fish the most fertile fish. The fish we depend on to help restore the stocks. Yet because of greed you want to piss away all we have fought to conserve. Shameful.

    1. John

      Okay go pay $28.00 a plate at a restaurant from commercial fishermen and give up fishing altogether then.

    2. Bob

      New Jersey does not allow commercial fishing or selling of striped bass. The commercial allocation was given to the sport fisherman in NJ. NJ has to abide by the same rules as the other Atlantic Coast states in meeting their quotas. They are not “shameful”.

    3. john

      Really?? how many cows do the commercial guys take?? The bigger the better right….selling by the pound. Absolutely ridiculous. How about cutting their limit in half….protect the fishery….what a joke.. I WATCHED 20 BOATS A DAY TAKE THEIR LIMIT WHILE FISHING ILLEGALLY IN THE CAPE COD CANAL….no fines no penalties…not once did I see a boat boarded and the catch checked. Morons gaffing shorts and throwing them back to die…yeah us recreation guys are really ruining the fishery Lets be honest…they aren’t protecting the stripers….just the commercial fisherman’s greed.

  3. Jimoverhere

    I still go by the limit I was taught. One fish,36 inches, nose to fork of tail. People keep pushes for smaller, multiple fish daily keep, we’ll be back to that size in no time.

  4. Joe Apanowitch

    Thanks for th updates OTW. Great December issue, still reading as it is packed full of goodness. Surprised the Southern states are reducing to one fish and the northern states trending two fish limits. I hope this works but have some concerns like any honest angler does. How about this proposal/addendum; No freezer burned striped bass fillets shall be possessed in 2015, maybe make it a crime amongst anglers worthy of a beat down!

  5. Bruce Smith

    To continue to kill the large breeders at any rate is crazy. Look at the most southern states and how they manage their Redfish. A no kill policy for fish over 24″ to 28″ depending on the state. But you can keep a few small fish for eating. Northern and Mid Atlantic limits should be two fish at 22″to 28″ and one trophy fish per season that must have a trophy tag on it. Do What’s Right! Catch Photo and Release!

    1. Dennis

      If your gonna leave the cows alone then don’t take any, take a picture instead cause you might get to show your grandkids the picture instead of a real one

  6. Jack

    One fish at 28 is good but i feel that it should be like hunting deer. You buy a lic you get tags then you could open it up to any size it will just limit the amount of fish not just by its size..

  7. jb

    As a commercial shad fisherman and recreational lobster permit holder this very dissapointing. I understand that the striped bass is cherished by many anglers, but the repercussions to the other sea life, like american shad and lobster populations have been depleted by the large mouth predators. When there are only striped bass left in the fishery we will all be unhappy. The larger these fish become the more they eat. Where will the bait come to feed them. Is it further up rivers and estuaries reducing other parts of the ecosystem?

    1. Michael Dunlap

      jb, you’re fears are not unwarranted however they are miss placed. If you only have been following the recent changes to the Striped Bass regulations and not seen the other actions we have been fighting for then yes I too would be alarmed. However, we have been fighting for protection of what you fear, the forage fish. We won a few years back to reduce the harvest of menhaden, the primary forage fish for striped bass. We recently had a victory to extend the protection of other forage fishes to lessen the impact on non-preferred prey. You are right that the ecosystem is intertwined and we know this. We have been fighting to improve all trophic levels within the system. I encourage you to take the time and get involved at any level because the more you know the better the fight for what is right for the entire system. Fight for the fish and all of the components and we can make a difference. This is an ongoing battle, that needs educated, well rounded people to encourage the decisions being made, not just those making money of a public resource.

    2. RBD

      JB Your a commercial shad guy complaining about the striped bass decreasing the shad population. You should look at yourself. I mean how many shad are you taking out of the population with your nets running the width of the rivers. Maybe you should also factor in all the unborn fish that are still in the shad when you dump them out of your nets and into your boat. When it came time for the lobster fishery to try and make an effort to do something about the state of the lobster, all I heard was the excuses how there was nothing wrong with the fishery and we should do nothing. Now look at it? There is a time closure and it is still not helping. Also I was catching black sea bass with stomach full of 4 inch lobsters. Maybe it is time we look across the board and not single out any one item. This is the problem that the management people seem to think will fix everything, one specie at a time.

    3. Casey elliston

      Maybe we should cut the limit of shad. Or maybe we should just keep wasting our time with the little picture. The problem starts with the per seiners of point Judith taking millions of pounds of herring and what about the long liners let’s stop them before they kill anymore fish so they can just chop them up with there props and throw them away. I’ve been a commercial bass fishermen since I was 14. Look at the big picture and try Imagine no per seiners we would have more bait then we would know what to so with. That means more stripe bass.

  8. Bill

    I think it’s time to put charter boats into their own category. It would be so much easier if there were quotas on the boats going out on a charter. Start with 2 fish per day. 50% of the quota reached? Well, time to drop down to 1 fish per day. 80% of the quota reached? Time for a mid-season closure. After all, they are a commercial operation. How about we treat them like one.

  9. Joe GaNun

    We should all take note that most of the fish are being taken in NY, Mass and NJ and each of those states is lobbying for a two fish solution. Even the 1@28 plan was estimated to have only a 50% chance of success. There is no math that will get us to a 25% reduction when we are taking 2 fish. Possibly the 1 trophy per season tag would make but it’s impossible to police. All of these proposals are a reaction to the 1st effort to work two fish into the conservation equivalency when NJ posted their intentions. So thank you Mr Fote for leading the way to greed and the inevitable collapse of the fishery. NY is bar far the largest take and therefore should be leading the process, not following like a bunch of squabbling, short sighted fools. All of the fisheries from Md to Mass need to suck it up for 3 or 5 years and get on with a heathy recovery.

    1. RBD

      Hey Joe. I wanted to let you know that we in New York have had a stricter limit than either Connecticut and Rhode Island. While your limits were 2 fish at 28 inches and above and no closed season, we in New York have a season starting on April 15th and 1 fish at 28 inches and above and another one over 40 inches. Before you start pointing fingers, get your figures right. I do think that we should only be allowed one fish 28 inches and above. We can all suck it up for one year.

      1. Dennis

        You also have a very large commercial fishery and your state allows fishing in the Hudson during the spring spawn so I will point fingers

  10. Shawn

    Yes finally!!! One fish a day is great for us who is leagaly fishing with a license. What are they going to do to stop people that fish without a license or take home more than one fish when there is nobody around to watch these people. I fish at the Cape Cod Canal and I see lot of this going on. Is there something that can be done to stop these illegal people or a phone number we can call to report these people while we are and on aging the law.

      1. RichieLa

        How about displaying the poachers hotline on all fishing licenses and all boats next to the registration number. Better yet a banner towed behind a plane for all to see.

      2. Rob

        Maine does just that….on all hunting and fishing licenses.

        I fish on the river that is the border between the southern tip of our Maine and NH. The river has fishermen from two states fishing the same body of water with two sets of regulations. What I want to know is, where did the metrics come from and when, that we are still making this call at the beginning of fishing season? Maine isn’t prepared to finalize their ruling until early May….I’m catching fish by the second week. Must be one of our representatives up here has a printing company that got the ’emergency’ contract to distribute the flyers for the rule changes.
        They should have made the decision and been telling us about it all winter…I will guarantee there will be people on the water this year oblivious to the change and only they and the fish will suffer as a result. Currently we have a 20-26 inch slot or an over 40 ….in the spring I have trouble catching fish small enough to keep. 28 or larger puts a fish in my cooler every day for a month, at least…how is that reducing our number of takes?

      3. james

        I also fish the same river on the maine side and with that said I have a hard time catching fish in the slot or the over most average between 28″-38″, but I personally like that because it guarantees me very few fish for the season and a reduced impact. I remember in the 80’s when you couldn’t find let alone keep a striped bass.

    1. cosmo

      I agree , I’m in new York we don’t pay for our saltwater license, but I would gladly pay if there was more enforcement of the standing limits… I see people slaughtering blue fish, and stripers that they will never eat , I think confiscation of gear should be mandatory for fishing without a license . the next winter they could hold an auction of said gear… put even more money in the kitty to help remedy the problem

    2. Mark

      Shawn, I would not hesitate to call the hotline for fishing violations: 617-626-1665 or 800-632-8075. We all have an obligation to do this anytime we see it taking place.

  11. Craig Cantelmo

    There have been some great comments here and I applaud the conservation minded anglers and agree that 1 fish is the only way to insure we meet the 25% reduction. I attended the meeting in NY and the proposal of the second fish at 36″ may need to increase to meet the proposed 28″ reduction.

    1. john w

      Really craig….not cutting the commercial take is good for protecting the fishery….who did the math on that….must have been all commercial guys voting…priceless

  12. Van

    Plenty of fish out there. The data use to measure striped bass futures is skewed and bias. The sky isn’t falling!

  13. Van

    If you really want to save the large breeders then shut down the STRIPER CUP! Anglers who would release large breeders are keeping them for the scale. Money talks…

    1. mark

      One 36 inch fish limit ….this plan worked 10 years ago and tons of stripers and keepers where around
      YOU dont need 2 fish….one 36inch fish feeds the entire family…go out later in the week and get another

      1. Steve L

        When the limit was 36, I caught many over 36, released all except 1 per person only if they were going to eat it. Be responsible. Catch and release

  14. Dave

    Complete closure of stripers to commercials, they made their bed. Then gamefish status.

  15. Nick

    It is very unfortunate that the decisions being made are not for the good of the Striped Bass fishery but for the greed of humanity. If our greed continues our children will not be able to catch a Striped Bass.

  16. BIG-RY

    everytime I keep reading up on the new striped bass regulations for 2015 I sit here and scratch my head and can’t understand how these new regulations are supposed to work…atleast REALLY work well(obviously I know cutting back to 1 fish will do something) but I feel like in order to really make a change there absolutely needs to be a slot limit, think about it all the the big fish are females/breeders, it’s rare that a fish 35″+ would be a male, so how are we gonna make drastic changes if we’re still able to keep a fish as long as it’s bigger than 28″, this means we can still catch the cows and keep them, and like I said yes I understand the 1 fish limit will keep someone from keeping 2 cows but I think they all need to be saved and in 5 years we would have unbelievable fishing we could only have dreamed of. I think what would be a good regulation is 1 fish 28″-34″ and maybe 1 trophy fish a season THAT MUST BE TAGGED AND REPORTED! Besides the smaller fish are better eaten anyways. I don’t know maybe I don’t know what I’m talking about but that’s my say in this.

  17. greg smith

    Such bullshit that some states continue to fight for 2 fish per person on boats for hire. Giving into money again, and the whining that paying clients won’t come back if they’re only allowed to keep 1 fish. Too bad… This fishery is crashing quick and we need to take drastic measures to save it or we’re all screwed.

    1. cosmo

      I agree its BS two fish on a charter…if people want two fish go on another charter or head boat… may be the captains would be surprised that the meat fisherman might ante up… most guys who don’t fish on charters spend a lot more on tackle, boat maintenance, slip space, beach permits, gas, and other things than a guy who drives up to a charter boat, and is allowed to take twice as many fish BS!!

    2. JOHN W

      completely prohibit commercial fishing of stripers….no wait that would actually protect the striper fishery…how silly

  18. Joe Procopio

    I am all for 1 fish per person! This is not going to effect my pursuit of this great game fish at all. I would be very happy with catch and release. Most of the fun is in the pursuit and catching anyway. Why is it necessary to to keep any breeders? Take a picture instead then release! Please, let’s set a slot limit for 1 fish per person for the table and be done with it! It is much more important that we preserve the Striped Bass fishery for not only our future, but our children’s future!

  19. Paul Rudy

    Uniform rule please, please. One fish limit per day regardless. Please stop keeping the breeders.
    Forget the Maryland trophy season. My grandchildren would love to experience some of the
    catch & release seasons on the upper Chesapeake Bay that existed a few years ago. It’s not going
    to happen if we keep letting each state develop different rules. Too much pressure to be more
    lenient than the state next door.

  20. Joe Bass

    Screw the charter Captains , the species is by far more important than their greed. Gimme’ a fuc$%ng break that one fish per isn’t enough. 4 0r 5 guys on a charter, 4 or 5 fish. They know more than anyone how low the stock is. D-Bags!

    1. captwc

      With most of us party/charter d-bags it’s not about greed at all .you know your so far from the truth is kinda scary. We need the stock healthy for our lively hoods. If a customer doesn’t catch any fish on my boat he/she may not come with me again. I know for a fact that most of us so called d-bags want better regs for these fish I need them to support my family. But I also want a fair law as well. One fish at 28in. Is just fine for everyone. As well as my party boat I myself fish on my own more than most people I really don’t eat bass so I release almost everything that I catch. I also drive 6hours each way upstate to catch and release 4-15 lb.steelhead trout all winter. So before your so fast to accuse me and a bunch of honest hard working group of guys of being nothing but greedy d-bags. Stop and think. I said before I fish on my own quite a bit and to be honest I’ve seen far more abuse of environmental laws on private boats .Private boats On bunker pods in the ocean to private boats at the bridges at night as well as guys on the rocks next to bridges or clam chumming in the inlet off by themselves thinking nobody’s watching, keeping everything that they catch. Hate to break it to you Joe bass but the honest fact is it’s the general public that are mostly the greedy ones. Of course there are a few bad apples everywhere. I’m not saying it don’t happen on some charter/party boats cause it dose. But don’t think for an instance that it’ only us . I can speak for myself here and there are very few individuals on this island that love and respect such a fish as myself and others in my line of work.

    2. JOHN W


  21. Dan

    I’m all for the 1 fish instead of 2 a day rule (wish they never changed it and kept it at 1 fish 36) I just wish there would be better enforcement especially at the CC Canal – I fish there all the time and have never once been asked to even show my license

    1. JOHN W

      Really Dan…Iwas there every day last summer …May through November…never saw any punishment ,fines, anything remotely appropriate done to the 20 plus boats live lining macks in the canal and catching hordes of fish….its a federal law ….no fishing from a boat in the canal….nobody gives a shit…if you hook up on the jetty the boats come right over to you to take the fish away by live lining….absolute joke.

  22. fishhawk210

    Those of us who truly know what’s going on in the striper industry agree the striper is in decline. Some of the problem is from recreational, some from commercial, some from poaching, and some from breeding sites. I’m charter captain and back in the day when we were allowed one fish at 36 inches everybody was happy. Stocks were growing yearly, every year we saw more and more juveniles in the Spring and life was good. The striper world became so good that inch limits started dropping until we were at two fish at 28 inches, commercial catch limits rose to over I million pounds, (1,155,100 pounds for 2014), poaching wasn’t even talked about, and the breeding areas were becoming polluted. YOY juvenile fish started dropping from 2004 until present. No one wanted to admit that the stocks were steadily declining. There were a few good years of YOY stock but not what we were use to seeing. But as usual the idiots who run the show turned their heads until like the cod fishery we have to take drastic measures to save the striper. I felt back when I commercially fished for striper as I feel now that the striper should be closed to commercial fishing and given game fish status. I haven’t fished commercially for striper in more than 15 years. I just can’t justify getting $2.75 a pound and seeing striper at $13- $18 a pound in the market. Some of my commercial friends will argue that the people who don’t fish should be able to enjoy striper. Not at those prices! Only the rich can afford that. Now if we want to rebuild the fishery they need something to eat. Hopefully they have realized what the menhaden mean food not just striper but a lot of fisheries. We have had a moratorium on river herring, lets hope they continue with the menhaden.
    Bottom line, I would like to see us go back to 36 inches until the striper recovers and then slowly start over to where we can take two fish a day again. Then life will be good again.

    1. JOHN W


  23. Capt Randell Bagwell

    If rec fisherman r so focus on cutting back then go to a 1 fish 28 inch and close striped bass fishing on Tuesdays and Thursdays for rec. fisherman. Move the boat for hire to 2 fish 32 inch I would even go 34 inch, There are approx. 6000 rec fisherman in RI and there is approx. 90 Charter boats in RI. not all charter boats focus on striped bass. Charter boats are not booked everyday. A great season for some charters would be 35 trips if even that high. Charter boats are not the problem. And if your not catching fish maybe your fishing in the wrong place or you need to book a charter and learn how to fish. Oh and reading most of these post its assumed that charter boats always come home with their limits. That’s not true either most customers on the average are very limited knowledge on fishing. That’s why they book charters.

    1. Pete

      I Agree with 1 fish a day for the recreational guys, captain. But We should all have to give here. And I don’t mean raising the size limit to target breeders. I’ve heard alot of arguments about the charters and how they have expectations to meet with customers, which in a sense is true. But, am I not a paying customer in this game? I’ve bought all the gear, put in the years of reel time. Learned how to fish succesfully from shore I should be getting the same consideration as any charter customer. Randy, we’ve met before, and I know your an intelligent guy. But I don’t see the distinction between myself and a guy who pays to go on your boat. slot limits all around!

    2. JOHN W

      commercial guys bagging their limit of 15 twice a week plus their other 5 days of fishing s ruiing the striper fishery….argue that its no….you dont need to charter to have a commercial license

    3. JOHN W

      if you are so concerned about the striper fishery, how about we do away with commercial fishing of stripers. do you think that would help??

  24. sail32

    What about the ever growing seal population around Chatam MA. Monomoy rips specific. These seals are ripping it up. Taking Bass right of my hook multiple times. They have to be tearing up the stripe bass population in and around on of the most productive bass fishing areas.

  25. ChuckA

    I agree with the slot, one fish per day 20″-24″ and one trophy fish 40″ or greater to be tagged, measured and weighed at a state approved location. Allowing the small fish to get bigger is not as important right now as letting the breeders breed. Another topic not mentioned much is the killing of undersized fish by gut hooking or gill destruction from trailing treble hooks. I believe that all bait fishing should be done with circle hooks only. People will get used to them once they learn how to use them. I also feel that lure manufactures should be required to put a single hook at the tail of all lures, and if there is only one hook on a lure, it should not be a treble, instead a single hook should be used.

  26. Mike

    Do u really think it is worth the expense of taking your boat out to catch one fish? Nobody can justify the cost per trip

    1. Joe Procopio

      Catching and keeping are two different things. Catch as many fish as you like. Keep just one for the sake of the fishery and its future! I don’t measure the pleasure and experience I get from fishing with my family and friends by how many fish I keep! As they say in the commercials – that is priceless!

      1. kenny fischer

        36in 1 fish brought us up to the stocks of 2009. Big fish. We need to go back.

    2. JOHN W

      Sure they do….right out of Sandwich Harbor …two minutes to the Cape Cod Canal, you are actually on it….fish illegally breaking Federal laws…live line macks and laugh at the regulations because its a farce…nobody enforces anything

  27. Jeff Austin

    New York: On January 13, NY’s Marine Resources Advisory Council voted to recommend a 2-fish bag limit for the entire recreational sector. These regulations have not been finalized.

    Proposed Option: 1 fish 28″-34″ AND 1 fish over 36″.

    The Hudson River – North of the George Washington Bridge will have a different set of regulations.

  28. OverPour

    no fish over 36″, catch, photograph and release “trophy” sized fish. Here in NJ this past fall the ocean was teeming with fish but they were outside the 3 mile boundary so off limits, yet plenty of boats rec and charter were fishing them. Rules and regs must be respected and followed for any of this to work. I have always wondered why a fish of 24″-28″ would not be a better option to keep than a mature breeder fish of 40″ or more. My crew catch, photo and release any fish over 40″ as our own conservation effort. Any regulation will not please everyone, but everyone must abide by that regulation.

  29. Anthony Booth

    All for the One fish limit, this is where You Separate the Skilled from the Unskilled Fisherman. Where I live (Hudson Valley) there are a lot of foreigners that rape the Bass Population. I cant even fish the shore line anymore cause they FLOOD you out and make you leave. They constantly & deliberately cross lines, tangle lines, I had to to buy a Boat…

  30. John Tiedemann

    The better plan would have been for every state to limit the harvest to 1 fish per day in a realistic slot…something like one at 28 – 32 inches, or even one at 28 – 36. This would ensure that the big fat egg producing females that are critical to the future of the stock would be protected.

    Worse yet, look at how foolish our good old New Jersey is by going with 2 fish a day and including the provision that the second has to be a 43 inch + fish! A 43 inch bass is going to be 30 pounds and since most males don’t exceed 30 pounds, these second fish @ 43 inches + will predominantly be extremely fecund females…the exact fish we should be protecting to preserve the long term genetic fitness and sustainability of the population.

    It’s time for managers and politicians to wake up and make informed, scientifically based decisions rather than be influenced by special interests.

    1. JOHN W


  31. Tautog59

    I wonder if all commercial fishing for bass be done away with,and make it a recreation fisheries only could help?

    1. Dennis

      Yes it would help and you should join stripers forever their mission is to make stripers agame fish end of story

      1. JOHN W


  32. kibby

    most people fish for the sport not the fish to eat.

    GAMEFISH status
    if you are caught with a Striper $1,000 fine

  33. Bill Horvath

    I mostly agree with all that has been said but no one has commented on the fact that there will not be a record fish reported for any of the states or IGAF from this point on unless a solution is reached. The records that stand now will never be broken!!!

    1. troy

      Bill you must be inbred or something. That is the dumbest statement we have ever heard.
      Forget conservation because no new records will be made? WOW, people like you are the
      reason why we are in this position now. Go walk off a pier you knuckledragger!

  34. George

    The commercial guys beat the hell out of them and their forage but the recreational guys are the ones that pay for it. I get 1 fish and they get a full nets worth. Hardly seems fair or effective. I say you want to eat striped bass grab a rod and earn it.

  35. Joe

    Common sense isnt. So common Every year bass. Fishing is getting worse and worse. Let’s not wait for it to become too late. When the regs where 1 fish at 36. And. Up Strippers. Rebounded. Quickly I say let’s go back to the old regs. So we can enjoy great bass fishing once again

  36. Joe k

    These regs aren’t doing really anything Every year there is less. And less. Fish. And the bass. Are getting smaller Lets not wait till we start reliving the 1980s

  37. Justin

    After reading all of these comments, one thing seems clear, one set of regulations for the entire coast. One fish 28”-35” per person, per day. Enforce the regulations! Same regulations for party boats. Circle hooks only. No more commercial fishery netting. Protect the forage fish. Do this for a few years and you’ll be able to walk across the river on schools of bass.

    1. cringle

      Do you know how ignorant it sounds when someone says no more commercial fishing, yes there is always room for more environmentally sound practices and change in all industry . The simple fact of the matter is most people in the USA don’t fish ,they buy their fish at the grocery store. humans need to eat! Can you bass tards imagine a world where the vegitarians and animal rights activist got their way and you could no longer buy meat! Its time to check your own lives and stop being so selfish . There is a lot of reasons we are in this predicament and its not like stripe bass is the only thing being effected. It is time we as voters start trying to work together as one cohesive group instead of letting law makers who cow tow to special interest groups ,keep us divided with the self serving statistics and micro managed species by species rules and regulations. these people are making it up as they go . the world like the human body is mostly comprised of water, everyone these days seems to be a starting to realize you cant put all kinds of crappy food and pollutants in the human body with out suffering real negative effects the oceans are no different.

      1. JOHN W

        dude be real…apparently you are a striper whore….im not talking about banning all commercial fishing…we are talking about banning commercial striper fishing….tard

    2. JOHN W

      No commercial period….Ever here of Cod?? how are they doing thanks to commercial overfishing

      1. cringle

        Cod oh yah how about GOD think he made stripers just for basstards who do you think eats all the fish comm. guys sell ? Not everyone goes fishing ,they have to buy there fish! oooooooooooooooohh! I forgot bass are only for sportards.

  38. Tyler

    New Jersey legislature approved the 1 @ 28-43″ and 1 over 43″ yesterday. See NJ bill A1416

  39. Joe Catches

    The 1@28 is a good start. But I hope they go to slot limit, with a 1 fish max per day and each licensed rec. fisherman obtains 2 tags for fish which are larger than the slot limit.


    I think a sliding slot limit will also make sense, but I leave it to the pros. My suggestion is to educate all that larger fish are not safe to eat, so let’s stay close to the commercial slot limit. Let’s say 26 – 32 and then it can be adjusted after a few years.

  40. Dennell

    I agree with the State but it should be at lease two fish 28 and better that one fish a day takes all the fun out of fishing.

  41. Ben Sheerman

    I’m not seeing any information on off shore areas that are closed to fishing this year. Such as “Jeffrey’s Ledge” and “Steelwagon Banks”.

  42. Bob c

    Again I feel the fisherman takes the brunt of the blame for fish populations , what about the trawlers that net thousands of fish at a time, killing or wasting All type of sea life , like herring, so recreational fishermen can t enjoy

  43. John C

    Last time I checked Maryland and Delaware allows the catching of 12″ Stripers, they call Rock Bass. How about we as a whole put a stop to that practice and maybe that just might have an impact on the striper population?

  44. Arny G

    I can live with one fish 28-43 , I’ve already applied for a bonus tag for 2015 however don’t know where it falls into the mix , does it even count now ? If so where ? I have applied for the bonus tag for the last 3 seasons and have yet been able to catch enough fish to use it . As everyone knows , last year was terrible for the stripers . Been fishing the Highlands for 10 years now and never caught a cow 43 or better . I only get out maybe 10 times a season and have been disappointed lately . Don’t have the answer other than the fish seem to be migrating past the 3 mile limit .

  45. cringle

    I have fished some 40 years in long island sound and have seen the fish stocks go from being so thick you could walk on them ,to being spotty at best. The govts first big fish restoration program was the Atlantic salmon ! 40 years later and millions of tax payer dollars spent ,they finally threw in the towel They don’t know why it did not work. now with all other species the govt regs seem to flip flop year to year. 2 years ago the state of conn was patting themselves on the back because the stripers were back , then came last year. They seem to be throwing things up in the air to see what will stick. they regulated lobsters for years ,where have all the lobsters gone?I feel the environment even though to the eye looks much cleaner and is! It,still has a long way to go . sewage treatment plants over 100 ringing long island sound may not be dumping turds you can see but the stuff they are dumping is far more sinister. oh and who regulates them? Deep! The fox is in charge of the hen house.The govt body responsible for protecting the environment is the same organization permitting municipal and cooperate entities to dump untold amounts chemicals into our water ways yes US corporations for a price still dump in our waterways. And who gets the check? The state! Enviromental protectors REALLY! everyone wants a green lawn perfectly formed fruits and vegetables and roads free of snow and ice!There is a price to be paid because it ALL ends up in the water! Don’t worry though our govt can regulate it or better yet fix it with a simple change of regulations. Stupidity runs DEEP . We are all responsible for this, so next time you flush something down the drain that you know didn’t come out of your butt or don’t want to bend over to pull a weed, thinking round up is easier . Take a minute and ask your self could it really end up in the ocean? THE answer is yes ! Things can get better but it starts with you and me the things we buy and the way we live Circle hooks or j green grass or brown salt or ice the rant goes on if we rely on the govt to fix this we are all doomed . Big corps and big govt love to listen to all of us quibble over one fish or two, sportsmen or commercial! Its the little choices in our daily lives that have the most impact .THINK ABOUT IT!

  46. Jdcape

    I guess all the folks posting about gamefish forgot to look in the mirror and check the actual numbers. the rec and charter take multiple factors more fish. Period. Go look at the MA DMF numbers and stop the Mis truths and flat out lies. Yeah right on the cape the charters run 2x a day and 6 persons and your saying they don’t max out? Wow that’s a laugh. Make it a tag fishery for everyone , rec and charter. Simple. We in comm already have tags so make it on the boat now not dealer. Ban nets and trawlers in MD and NC. That’s where illegal fishing is the worst. And frankly without herring as forage food it’s a moot point. And what about those industrial trawlers and there unknown discards of non herring?thats the sad part while we argue the herring are being wiped out by the same pair trawling industrial fishing that caused the EEZ to kick the Russians and Japs out in the 70s. Now it’s okay 3 miles out.

  47. Jdcape

    Gamefish and using light tackle and fly rods so you can tire out and beat the fish up hold them and take a pic and have them die on release? There are far more recs and charters taking fish and that is a fact in MA the numbers are published. Here in MA only like 5% of the comms do most of the catching. Go look at the DMF numbers. Facts don’t lie. far more Rec, far more charters here on cape with 6×2/day and you better know they limit out. Who pays 600 for a half day and does not want their limit and their selfie pics? What is wrong with folks having bass at a resteraunt local Caught and fresh? You think steaks are cheap now? Fried clams? It’s all pricey here on the cape.

    1. JOHN W

      no commercial striper fishing period…215 twice a week, plus what they take illegally due to little or no enforcement…at 5 bucks a pound they take every fish thet get their hands on

  48. cringle

    forage is another very important issue , the bunker boats have been mostly put out of business due to lack of fish. CT still allows sport fishers to take a five gallon bucket to go fishing with. How about we limit sport fishermen to artificial baits, barring no lead and no soft plastics if we were all made to start behaving in a more environmentally friendly fashion, things might start to change .circle hooks work why are they not the law?Maines already making these changes for fresh water fishing WHY not salt?I also I want to know who decided it ok to launch large clusters of balloons into the sky every time some one holds a social event ,they all end up in the ocean, soft plastic kills all types of sea creatures which are all part of the same ecosystem. Tuna and shark fishermen might want to consider biodegradable balloons, they do make them! The devils in the details! Ct DEEP will tell you the long island sound is a estuary or nursery ground for all species yet, they do nothing to stop the wide spread sale and use of chemicals that go right into the sound. They make a law that says you have to stay fifty feet away from any water course or wet land when applying this stuff ,they want you to believe it doesn’t leach ! The really sinister thing is the state of ct is the worst abuser of this law! They have trucks with tanks and sprayers mounted on them dispensing this stuff on to the guard rails of every state road. The guard rails are all located directly in front of ditches and water courses. HOW DOES DEEP JUSTIFIE THIS ? I guess its easier than living with weeds on the road way .Because weeds don’t belong in nature, just WEEDKILLER! OH and how about the fact that every spring home stores across our state are stocked with tons of this stuff for all of us to take home and toss all over the place!STUPIDITY RUNS DEEP! Some states are already starting to realize that this type of behavior is a slippery slope .WHY not ct? the govt wants us all to believe there are acceptable levels of this stuff going into our water courses year after year ! Cant anyone out there do the math ? cumulative effect! Its like sport fishers who think still want to believe millions of rods taking millions of fish don’t add up and its all the commercial fishers doing, please! Until we all start to change our own behavior nothing will get better. All one has to do is look at the dead zone in the gulf at the mouth Mississippi river and realize everything goes down steam. long island sound has how many rivers running into it? We let these law makers lead us around by nose telling us what is and what isn’t ok. Keep holding on to the belief that a fish of twenty 28 inches or being able to keep one or two is really going to will make a difference . STUPIDITY RUNS DEEP! People have to start using their brains .Its always about the money, law makers live by the code of the Dollar. So next time you look at your lawn and think its not green enough or has to many weeds or clean your paint brush in the sink, realize just because it goes down the drain or sinks into the ground it doesn’t really disappear it ends up in the sound! No amount of this stuff is safe !I like all of us are guilty of these behaviors, the change starts with all of us with what we buy and what we do with it! Ct needs a agency to protect the sound . . Department of environmental protection like they used to be called, its a joke being played on all of us because we want to think the govt knows whats best the answer starts with you and me our actions matter, what we buy who we vote for, the rest is a big distraction meant to keep our heads spinning so no sees what is really going on .THINK ABOUT IT!

  49. cringle

    Recreational fishermen who think stripers should only be available to them are nothing more than selfish little blowhards now a days everyone gets to ride in the front of the boat these are the same guys you see at the back door of your of your local sushi bar with a cooler drinking beer counting money !

    1. JOHN W

      you must be a commercial blowhard….you dont care about the striper fishery….just greenbacks

  50. oger

    Money talks, the commercial fisherman put big bucks into politician’s pockets who in turn look out for they re best interests, with all the technology now , the commercial bastards stick around and pick up every last fish they can, then they cry they can’t make any money,. while the recreational guys who try to introduce their sons or daughters into the sport end, up having to spend a couple hundred dollars a day , trying to catch a cod, striper, fluke etc .Look in every supermarket, there’s always a lot of fish there. Whadda think that supply’s endless? I’m not saying ban the commercial fishing , but they should be regulated more instead of always trying to put the blame on the recreational anglers for the commercial fisherman’s greed.

    1. cringle

      Connecticut banned commercial landings of bass 35 years ago totally due to the whinning of rec fishers who lobbing spreads lots of dollars around to politicians and by far cry the loudest. commercial fishermen provide food sources to the segment of the population that has no choice but purchase it in the store people need to take a good look around if the really think that there is a huge commercial lobby out there most of the commercial fisherys have shrunk drastically in the last 20 yrs in all state and in ct it s done so with help of the deep who no longer issue any new permits and have structured things in a way so that if you did not have landings back in the early 90s it wont matter if they gave you a permit or if you were able to buy one with verification of lands its no good to you any way the supplies aren’t endless but there is still fish out there if a recreational fisherman cant catch his limit every time hes doing something wrong

  51. JOHN W


  52. Brad

    I just wish Maine would get off the stick and make a decision, it’s heading into the end of April. Personally I’m hopeful they will go with the 28 and over and not the slot limit. Years ago we had a 36 and over limit and we had loads of big fish up here. I would also like see more of a presence of the marine patrol and wardens on the surf and banks of our rivers here in southern Maine. There’s a lot of people still using J hooks and taking multiple undersized and oversized fish per day. I live right on the beach and can’t remember the last time I saw anyone else or myself get check. But go inland and fish for trout or whatever, I guarantee you’ll get checked out by a warden sooner rather than later. Yes we need a lot more focus on regulation of the commercial guys. But we also need to make sure that we are doing our part and that the state is doing their part by way of enforcement.

  53. Dale

    All you folks who want to keep fish under 34 inches don’t even know that most bass that size haven’t even spawned one time. So you want kill fish that small. Wake up, and try an learn what your talking about, before making a fool of yourself.


    1. Kurt

      How about regulating the commercial fishery catching all the bait fish!! No bunker no basss

  54. Brad

    The real problem is lack of enforcement. I’ve been fishing the taunton river in MA for some time now, also the southcoast on a little island named gooseberry. As someone else correctly put it, I have seen so many retard foreigners take anything and everything they catch no mater the size or the number, and to think this same island is part of a MA state reservation with a campground within walking distance and an on duty environmental police officer. In Massachusetts if you are caught with over the bag limit and or under the regulated size you are supposed to lose EVERYTHING but the shirt off your back on top of fines and possible jail time. Of all the times I’ve seen the EPOs making their rounds not once have I been asked to produce a fishing license. Not to mention in the Tauntion river there are boats with massive nets that harvest menhaden without any regulations by the hundreds of thousands. If the laws that were already in placed were being enforced than they wouldn’t need to do what they’re trying to do now. So there is definitely a problem, the solution is slot sizes, 1 fish per person per day between 28″ and 36″ let the cows spawn and let the scoolies go, let this ruling stand for charters as well. And furthur more completely ban all commercial harvest of menhaden, they are a keystone species; and should not be hauled off just to become chicken feed. Its time for a crack down, No keeping of cow stripers for anyone commercial or recreational.

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