Six Essential Items for Fishermen

Having these six items handy in your glove box could prevent an early end to a fun fishing trip.

Having these six items handy in your glove box could prevent an early end to a fun fishing trip.

Although I don’t believe in the Murphy’s Law adage of “Anything that can go wrong will go wrong”, there is something to be said about wear and tear. Holes in waders, headlamp failures, and broken boot laces are inevitable when fishing. Much of fishing is preparing ahead, and these six essential items for fishermen can prevent an early end to a fun or productive trip.

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1. Wader Patch Kit

Gear Aid makes an Aquaseal Adhesive and a Wader Repair kit with patch material, which will allow you to make on-the-spot wader repairs that will cure in minutes. Just keep a small pair of scissors on hand to cut the patch material.

2. Zip-Ties

Another fishing fix-all, a small pack of zip-ties can be used to repair nets, as makeshift boot laces, or even as a temporary split ring for changing hooks. They are also an effective tool for extending the life of large, well-used soft plastics by keeping them from sliding down the hook shank, which would render them ineffective.

3. Rolls of Electrical Tape

Impromptu rod repair, wader patching, makeshift casting guard, and dozens of other fishing uses, a pack of Ancor Premium Electrical Tape or Flex Tape is a must-have for any angler’s glove box.

4. Gallon-Size Ziploc Bags

Whether you need to divvy out fillets after a trip, store some fresh bait you caught, or stash a tasty morsel like a soft-shell crab, having a few zip-top bags tucked in the glove compartment will save you a trip to the store. Not to mention, they are great for preserving opened bags of Berkley Gulp.

5. Super Glue

Rigging soft plastics, gear repair, or even first aid, a tube of “super glue” has a range of fishing applications. At the very least, a tube of Mend-it soft bait glue will repair and restore torn-up soft plastics so you can save money on lures and extend their life.

6. Batteries

A stash of AA or AAA batteries will make sure your headlamps, scales, and other battery-powered fishing accessories are ready to go when you need them.

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2 on “Six Essential Items for Fishermen

  1. Page Rogers

    Nice list
    I would add a folding knife with serrated blade of rust resistant steel. The propellor finds lobster pot lines and can pull transom underwater/// a knife like this can save your life and boat

  2. Shanzaib Malik

    This list is exactly what I was looking for. Very well researched. Keep sharing!!

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