Shimano’s New Topwater Striper Plug for Rough and Windy Days

The Coltsniper Splash Walk was designed to handle the harsh weather that Northeast striped bass fishermen often face. Its weighting and profile helps the lure punch through the wind, and stay glued to the water throughout the retrieve, even in the rough seas or in the fierce crosswinds that send other topwaters skittering ineffectively across the surface. Not to mention the cupped lip that catches water as the lure walks, creating a commotion stripers can easily see through the whitecaps.


This topwater also features the new Kyorin finish from Shimano, which adds lifelike scales and details to the lure, helping it draw violent strikes from big stripers. The Kyorin finish is found in the bunker and mackerel colors, but the Splash Walk also comes in squid and bone patterns as well.

To learn more about the Coltsniper Splash Walk, check out this video featuring Captain Jack Sprengel as he describes how the Splash Walk has become his favorite striped bass topwater over the past year.

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