Shimano Introduces New Topwater for Big Stripers

Measuring 7 1/4 inches, and weighing 3 3/8 ounces, the new Coltsniper Splash Walk from Shimano promises to be a long-casting, striper-enraging topwater bait.

The bait looks like an evolved version of the ever-popular Doc, combining qualities like the low-pitch knock and a versatile walk-the-dog action (one that keeps the bait moving without having it exit the strike zone too quickly) with advanced features like Shimano’s Propulsion Weight Transfer System, to help it cast like a dart.
The Coltsniper Splash Walk sits vertically at rest, which helps improve the hook-up ratio when big stripers smash the bait on the pause. Robust through-wire construction provides added durability, and the six available colors (including Green Mackerel and Bone White) give the lure a dynamic, lifelike appearance.

I haven’t had a chance to fish the  lure yet, but  Captain Jack Sprengel of East Coast Charters put it to work while it was still being tested last year, and had this to say in a recent Instagram Post:

It has a nice large profile, Walks wide or Walks tight, Sticks to the water like glue and lets you fish it fast or slow with a sick mix of walk, glide, water throw and low pitch rattle. One of the easiest lures you’ll ever fish and a really exciting new option to the topwater game for striped bass and other aggressive topwater species.


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Click here for more about the Shimano Coltsniper Splash Walk.

Below: Watch Captain Jack Sprengel’s Seminar on Striper Fishing from the Backwaters to Block Island.

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