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Jigging Squid and Topwater Tuna

Before motoring out to Stellwagen Bank for some exciting bluefin tuna topwater action, we meet up with On The Water’s Jay Baver, who is jigging the waters of Woods Hole in mid-May during the annual squid run.

Live-lining Pogies for Giant Stripers

On The Water’s John Burke, fishing with Captain Keith Salisbury and Paul Castellani, tries take advantage of cow stripers’ insatiable appetite for adult Atlantic menhaden by live-lining the bait in the waters near Westbrook, Connecticut.

Bluefin Tuna in the Fog

Chris Megan, Neal Larsson and Andy Nabreski turn their bow toward the shipping lanes 20 miles east of Chatham in hopes of hooking up with some migrating bluefin tuna.

Noman’s Land Island

On The Water’s Chris Megan and Neal Larsson make tracks for Nomans Land, an island 3 miles south of Martha’s Vineyard, in hopes of connecting with some of the giant striped bass that patrol the island’s rocky shores.