More Sea Bass Poachers Busted in Masssachusetts

Massachusetts Environmental Police reported YET ANOTHER major bust of black sea bass poachers on Buzzards Bay (via Facebook):

On Thursday, June 2, 2016, Massachusetts Environmental Police Officers on a marine patrol boarded a New York registered vessel that was actively fishing in the vicinity of Scraggy Neck in Bourne. Once onboard, officers conducted an inspection during which an overage of black sea bass was observed. Officers then escorted the vessel back to shore so that a dockside inspection could be conducted.cape cod seabass bust

At the same time, a Massachusetts Environmental Police Lieutenant was responding to a marine fisheries complaint at Barlow’s Landing. Massachusetts Environmental Police dispatch received a complaint indicating that a vessel had come in to offload several coolers into a pickup truck and head back out to sea. The responding Lieutenant discovered that the truck belonged to the owner of the vessel that Officers were currently escorting back to shore.

The vessel owner denied returning to shore and offloading fish into his vehicle. Officers subsequently conducted an inspection of the vehicle and found two coolers containing black sea bass.
A full inspection was conducted, upon which it was found that the vessel owner and passengers were in possession of 143 black sea bass, 84 of which were undersized, and 60 scup, two of which were undersized. The operator was issued criminal summonses and the fishing gear was seized. The fish were sent to a processing center and will later be donated to a local charity.

Thursday’s bust follows two recent reports of black sea bass poachers caught with 219 sea bass on May 29 in Wareham and a May 18 bust in Mattapoisett.

34 on “More Sea Bass Poachers Busted in Masssachusetts

  1. marcuswelby

    The Massachusetts Environmental Police are doing a great job. Keep seizing those boats guys, eventually you will put a large dent into this activity.

    1. D3adr3b3l5

      It is nice to see that Mass. Is enforcing the laws. Now maybe DEM in RI can get on the ball with all the people taking undersized stripers, scup, and fluke, and not to mention the people taking herring since herring has been closed the past few years.

      1. Mark

        get the Local EPO number and when you see a violation call it in. It is the only way that people will be caught. The Police cannot be everywhere, they need our help to catch the poachers.

    2. PariPassu

      I wish the Mass E P would come to the jetty at the mouth of the Pocasset River to bust the unlicensed guys taking small scup.

  2. Bob

    Your new saltwater fishing license is paying for six new boats patrolling the bay side of the cape. Good job officers!!

  3. bestbostonstrippers@gmail

    Great job sucks I know that area well I could of legally caught them

  4. M. Saxatilis

    Cracking down on poachers is great news; now if they can catch commercial striper fishermen who high grade/ cull their catch.

  5. Paul

    Keep bagging these scumbags. Oh sorryVan. Didn’t mean to hurt your feelings. Unbelievable. Imaging if everyone followed the limit what a great fishery we’d have. And get rid of commercial fishing to.

    1. Harry

      I agree keep “bagging them” but how much “greater” can the fishery get when a boatload of fisherman who have a modest English vocabulary can catch hundreds of fish with nothing more than hand lines, unseaworthy boats, and 100$ worth of electronics? They are “getting rid of commercial” too. Southern mass lobsterman will be out of business shortly with this all time high biomass of Black Sea bass carpeting the bottom eating every last thing.

      1. Bill

        Considering that we are down by 10’s of millions cod throughout the region and 10’s of millions more of stripers, flounder, tautog, and assorted other fish, I think a few extra million seabass will not adversely affect the lobster population.

      2. Frank

        Bill, I get your point, but how does an explosion in the sea bass population effect other fishes? No question that black sea bass are more than just plentiful,

      3. Bill

        The real problem is the lack of balance. Sure, more seabass will put pressure on juvenile lobster. However, they will also keep the numbers of bait fish in check which feed on zooplankton plus eggs and fry of larger fish. Back to balance, the seabass are certainly more plentiful, although, it’s too early to tell if that is a bad thing yet. One big issue is that fisheries data is a few years old. Limits and sizes are set on old data. Ideally, we would have some sort of scanner which tells us exactly how many fish of what kind and size are under the water and that would let us know how many we could harvest. That scanner doesn’t exist though. Until someone invents it, we suffer through an abundance of fish we can’t catch and high limits on fish that aren’t available.

    2. Mike

      get rid of commercial fishing is the worst “idea” or most ignorant comment one could make. People gotta live and that is what this region has relied on. Oh wait and tourism, but the tourists like to go out to eat fish at restaurants. How about total economic collapse Paul, like that idea?

      1. Paul

        Mike, your right. No It wouldn’t be the best idea to eliminate commercial fishing. We just have to make sure that the stock remains strong. There is such a large amount of wasted by catch that we really need to prevent a total collapse. And when you see these people who purposely steal from the sea that it’s very bothersome. That comment was made out of pure frustration. As for the thieves, no change of heart

  6. Vule

    Please sized all. Give them fine suspend their ass what a dump people. No school

  7. Frank

    Glad to see these guys caught,but why don’t we see their names?

  8. ken

    yeah what sup why no names? they should auction there stuffs for the good cost of marine research. Oh we need some officers at the charlestown damp, i been seeing people bagging more than what they allow to keep.

  9. Roy

    The ri DEM don’t really give a shit .they just show up for the check.

  10. al

    where were these fish going? this is the 4th bust in 4 weeks. where is the market? our friends in blue can bust these dirty fishermen as much as they want, until the wholesalers are busted nothing happens.

  11. Harry

    Regulations should be a little less strict for such large biomass of seabass as well as an EPO on duty at every popular seabass port at least on weekends to keep the honest people honest. We all know the repeat offender boats they are 40 year old hulls and they take off in a hurry after landing.

  12. Mike

    Hah we were fishing that day and saw them get busted. The EP’s could barely contain their smiles when they asked us to clear the dock and ramp. The guys on the boat weren’t smiling tho.

    Nice looking boat, too. It wasn’t some junky rowboat- pretty blue hulled walk around.

  13. John Cherubino

    Heck yeah. Seize the boat. You have to hit em where it hurts. Fines are nothing to these guys because they probably rake in a lot of tax free dough the dozens of other times they did this and got away with it. As far as the population goes…the CT seabass pop was hit hard by years of bottom trawling and it’s rare to catch a decent sized bass here. Beautiful fish.

  14. Brian Jones

    Definitely seize the/any poachers boat we all know the rules if you have a boat and don’t know the rules then you have no business being out on the ocean as far as their fishing equipment goes it should be donated to the kids during one of those kids tournament that happens every year I’m sure the excitement on their faces will be well worth it when it comes to a bust like that well over the limit they should probably never have a fishing license again and they should also be made an example of through the courts system and in every paper within a hundred miles not to mention Facebook

  15. Q

    I don’t support poachers but screw cops. They are fascists. Turning our nation into a police state. They do more harm than good. Wow guys, one bust with all that tax money. New boats next year and the year after and the year after. F the police.

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