Sailfish Caught in the Northeast Canyons

Matt Malloy recently caught this sailfish in Hydrographers Canyon while fishing with Pete Connly.

The canyons of the Northeast see good numbers of billfish every summer. The most numerous are the white marlin (with a percentage of those being misidentified roundscale spearfish), followed by swordfish and blue marlin.

While common from the Carolinas to Florida, Atlantic sailfish are a far less frequent visitor to our canyons, so it was a great surprise for OTW reader Kevin Scannel to see one come alongside the boat on a recent trip to Hydrographer Canyon.  Here’s Kevin’s accounting of the catch:

We were out on Pete Connly’s 40-foot Pursuit Reel Deal out of Popponesset. We fished Hydrographer Canyon. Crew was Capt. Pete Connly, Kevin Scannell, Tim Malloy and his sons, Tim and Matt. Matt was the 17-year-old angler that caught the sail. We thought it was a white marlin until it spun around near the stern and that magnificent sail came up. My buddies caught one years ago in our Big Game Battle tournament but other than that, and the one in the Canal some 20 years ago, I think this is only number two in our canyons. Pretty amazing. One in several million I guess. A successful release and this sail is still out there.


The Canal sailfish was caught in August 2013, and was remarkably captured on video. 

This sailfish wasn’t the only unusual billfish in the Northeast this summer.  Back in July, fishermen filmed a marlin swimming just off the beach in New Jersey. You can see that video below:

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