Reader Tip: Hook More Fish when Tube-and Worm Trolling

OTW Reader Mike Seminara sent in this useful tip for anglers looking to improve their hook-up and landing ratio when trolling the deadly tube-and-worm rig.

So I figured I would pass along something I came up with earlier in the season after losing two fish at the boat on a tube and worm. I bought a package of Owner 7/0 Dancing Stinger hooks to put on the end of the tube’s hook because the hook set never seems that good because the tube is so big and creates a lot of drag in the water and when the fish shakes its head or changes direction, the hook can pop out from the force of the water. I got a few of these hooks to try out and they work great. Several good size fish have been hooked on the stingers instead of the main hook. I still thread the worm onto the tube’s hook, not the stinger because, I found that I would still get short hits if I put the worm on the stinger.

A stinger hook (like the ones used on Japanese-style tuna jigs) added to the end of a trolling tube will provide a better hook set and reduce the number of missed and lost fish.

Thanks for the tip Mike. An OTW Hat is in the mail!  Any other readers that have a useful fishing tip, email it to, and if we publish it on our Fishing On The Job blog, we’ll send you an On The Water hat.

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