Product Review: YETI LoadOut GoBox

Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 - On The Water - In Truck

Tackle organization is a never-ending process. Gear is constantly rotated in and out of use as the seasons change and bites fire up or fizzle out. The result, is that at any one time, my truck has the detritus of a year’s worth of fishing. Leader spools, pliers, swivels, gloves, and other fishing odds and ends spread in an ever-widening radius from what was once a neatly organized pile set in my truck at the start of the season.

And I’m far from the only one.  The other day, we posted a photo to the OTW Instagram of a heap of tackle in the process of being hurriedly re-organized since the stripers had returned, and the comments section was full of fishermen who could relate to the scene. Just about every angler is looking for tackle-storage solutions.

The product designers at YETI knows this, and in their continued expansion beyond coolers and drinkware, have introduced their second tackle management product in the LoadOut GoBox 30.

YETI’s first foray was the LoadOut Bucket, a heavily accessorized that took the ubiquitous 5-gallon bucket and made it into a tackle station – while featuring a heavy-duty handle, non-slip ring on the bottom, and high-impact resistant material.

Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 - On The Water - 1
Big step up from the questionably acquired milk crate (right).

Following that up is the new LoadOut GoBox. The waterproof and dustproof 30-quart capacity cargo box is designed to merge durability and organization. The easy-open/secure-close latches take a good whack to shut, but the box is meant to take it. It would take more punch than I can pack to crack the “Defender Material” it’s made from.

Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 - On The Water - Latch
Go ahead, hit it.

The box is designed to survive kicks, drops, scrapes, and any number of mishaps that might happen while transporting it between house, truck, boat, and camp.

And while protection is essential, it’s still only half the equation when it comes to transporting tackle. Keeping that gear organized as well as protected is sets the GoBox apart from the typical dry box.

Each GoBox comes with three accessories: a divider, a caddy, and the “Pack Attic” which has three zipper compartments nestled inside the lid; perfect for smaller, easily misplaced items.


Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 - On The Water - Accessories
Each GoBox comes with three accessories to make organization easy.
Yeti LoadOut GoBox 30 - On The Water - Pack Attic
The “Pack Attic.”

Compact dimensions make the GoBox 30 versatile,  easy to transport, and convenient to store, whether its serving as the resupply station in the back of my truck, keeping gear dry and protected on the OTW boat, or waiting patiently between trips in my garage. I look forward to having it with me on a wide variety of fishing trips this coming season.

The LoadOut GoBox is available in three colors: white, tan, and charcoal (pictured).


10 on “Product Review: YETI LoadOut GoBox

  1. mark

    How much?
    As in everything Yeti probably ridiculously overpriced. Kind of like their $40 pickle bucket.

  2. GregW

    Who’s buying this stuff??
    Van Staal reel, sure I’ll pay the premium. But a plastic box? At least tell me this stuff is made in America and there not asking $250 for a plastic box big enough to organize a small amount of gear made in China!

  3. Rick

    The Yeti GoBox is okay, but I like the hanging rod-holder in the vehicle. Is that home-made or a product I can buy somewhere?


      1. Jody

        the rope rod holder is a great idea at an even better price…thanks for the link Jimmy!

      2. Jimmy Fee

        No problem Jody. I’ve been using it for about a year and love it. It’s been great with freshwater/inshore rods, but heavier reels weigh it down too much and bounce around when you’re driving.

  4. john quin

    Check out the 5 day cooler challenge on You tube and see how well these expensive Yetis compair!! Not so well, NOT WORTH THE PRICE. Forget the bear attack, how often does that happen to the modern man..

  5. Jeff Dahl

    Hi Guys, I’m the guy that invented the LoopRope as a direct replacement of those cheap and dangerous bungee cords. An angler in Alabama used my product to hang his rods and “walla” now it’s a rod storage system. You can pull it cord real tight where you cannot see the loops which makes for a much tighter fit and should handle heavier rods and reels for sure. Anyway thank you guys for the comments and I love the YETI myself. Cheers!

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