Product Review: Dryft S14 Adrenaline Waders

Dryft S14 Adrenaline Waders

After stepping into the water last April to chase largemouth bass, I felt a rush of cold water—and that’s when I realized it was time to stop buying the $99, eventual-swiss-cheese waders. I opted to try out a wader I’d only just heard about, the Dryft S14 Adrenaline Waders. Dryft is a small company out of Washington started by two passionate fishermen.

After reading through some reviews and a quick chat on their sizing, I went with the chest waders as opposed to the zip-up. The material was extremely durable, surviving climbing over fallen trees on the way to my freshwater ponds, and sliding down the Cape Cod Canal rip rap. I fished the waders hard from late April to November, and they never leaked.

And while it had little to do with the overall performance of the wader, I did like the black color and modern styling, which definitely made the Dryft Waders stand out from the sea of tan waders most companies offer.

~Jonah Olsen

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