Refit Project: Replacing your Boat’s Old Doors and Hatches

The dreaded rattle.

That old, weathered teak door or battered hatch is just a cosmetic issue, you tell yourself, and that’s why you’ve pushed it down the to-do list. But, every time it rattles on a run out to the fishing grounds, you cringe.

Truth is, that ugly wood door isn’t just an eyesore, it’s a source of embarrassment. And that rattling hatch? It’s letting water seep in and soak your dry storage. And they’re both hurting the value of your boat.duplication9_zm

The good news is that you have options, and replacing a door on your boat has never been easier.

“You can replace virtually any teak cabin entry door, center console door, access door, or deck hatch with a perfect-fit replacement in King StarBoard,” explains Andrew Brown of “And the replacement isn’t only a huge cosmetic upgrade, it can also be engineered to feature improvements over the original design.”

For example, if you have a basic deck hatch that has been beaten-up over the years and has damaged, rusty hardware and stains, you can simply remove the hatch, measure the size of the opening, and get a made-to-order hatch in King StarBoard with your choice of latch, hinges, and an integrated seal.

“All you have to do is measure your cutout, type it into the form at, and a fully assembled door ready to set into your cutout will be shipped in 2 to 3 days,” explains Brown. “We can also integrate a bulb seal in the hatch that is an improvement over the original. The new seal will be pressed into place via a t-slot cut into the material, avoiding adhesive that peels off, eliminating any rattle, and cutting down on water intrusion.”

If the door you need to replace is a little more complex, such as an old teak cabin-entry door, you can still find a replacement that is guaranteed to be a perfect fit by having a made-to-order door built to the exact measurements of the original.

“Clients can send the entire door and frame to us, and we’ll place it on a digitizing table, make a 3-D model, and cut a finished product that exactly matches the original dimensions,” says Brown. Again, the new King Starboard door can include improvements, such as integrated screens behind the louvers, to keep mosquitoes and flies out of the cabin.duplication12_zm

Total replacement isn’t your only option. For example, if you have a center console access door that is in good shape but the aluminum frame is pitted and damaged, you can swap out the frame for a replacement at a fraction of the cost of a new door.

“With custom work, the options are unlimited, and we can perfectly match a boat’s fit and finish,” explains Brown. “And the best part is that the technology that allows us to fabricate parts to order also helps us avoid stocking costs—so the prices are actually quite affordable.”

10 on “Refit Project: Replacing your Boat’s Old Doors and Hatches

  1. Doug

    I would like a price on 5 pieces 13/4″ X 1/4 X 8ft long . I have teak on the deck I wont to replace it. I would also like the edges to have a radius just on two edges not all four sides because two of them will be facing down

    1. Austin

      Hey Doug!

      We sell the Starboard “Cut-To-Size” so these pieces won’t be a problem at all. Check out our Cut-to-Size page on our website to get an idea for price:

      We offer “Routed” edges on the website, but if you are looking for true “Radius” corners you will need to give us a call – we will be able to put in a special order and knock that out for you in a few days. Call us at: 866-633-7961


  2. Louis Casale

    i will send you messurments for my 1988 19 foot robalo in the spring right now it is shrink wrapped. I will need few access doors and frames.

    1. Harry Haroutunian

      I have a wedge shaped glove box from a 1986 wellcraft V20 I would like to replace. It dry rotted and the plywood sort of separated and Imploded. I Managed to clamp and wood glue back together, I think i wold like to replace/modernize it. I have out of the boat and can ship it out any day from Beautiful Sandwich Cape Cod.

      1. Austin


        Please give us a call – I might have you send over some pictures of the glove box so we can talk about the options available.

        Thank you sir!
        Call us at: 866-633-7961


    2. Austin

      Hey Louis,

      Excited to hear you are looking for some new access doors. We can certainly help you with that. If you are interested in a “Build Your Own Door”- Check out this page for ideas and pricing:

      If you have any questions at all – please call us at 866-633-7961 to discuss your options.


  3. Bob T

    Boat Outfitters made me a GPS cut out with a door to replace my acrylic slide doors on my Maycraft. I sent Brian the dimensions in no time it was at my door. The sale associate really went a mile to ensure the door was correct. Boat Outfitters are top notch.

    1. Brian

      I’m glad you like the panel! We would love to see some pictures of how it all came together for you. If there is anything we can do to help you with future projects just give me a call.

  4. Daniel McCorkle

    I have a two piece cuddy cabin door from a 1994 Proline 231 Walkaround that needs to be replaced. I think there is enough of the original door to re-fabricate it from scratch. Is this something you can do?

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