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Rapala was founded in Finland in 1936 by Lauri Rapala, who is credited for creating the floating minnow. He carved his first lure from cork with a shoemaker’s knife, covered it with chocolate candy bar wrappers, and melted photography film negatives for a protective outer coating. The floating minnow lure later went on to become the first Rapala lure once the company was created.
The company produces a similar lure today, with the design remaining similar to how they were originally built. Made from balsa wood painted and covered with lacquer, the original floating minnow, now called the No. 9 floater, is the company’s most popular lure.
Rapala’s lures are considered some of the world’s leading baits and are sold in 140 countries. Their brands include VMC, Suffix and Storm, and many others.

VMC 7237 Inline Single Hooks
VMC 7237 Inline Single Hooks

VMC 7237 Inline Single Hooks

Made with hi-carbon steel, these extra-wide gap hooks incorporate VMC’s NeedleSharp technology for increased hook-up ratios and confidence in catching strong predators like big striped bass and bluefish. A large hook eye makes it easy to replace trebles on plugs, to make for simple, quick and safe dehooking’s for both the angler and the fish.

VMC 7385 LKCB B-Lok Tournament Circle Hooks
VMC 7385 LKCB B-Lok Tournament Circle Hooks

VMC 7385 LKCB B-Lok Tournament Circle Hooks

VMC’s patented B-Lok bait stopper prevents bait from moving up and down the hook shank and holds it in place to limit the amount of re-baiting. Skip the extra trips to the bait shop and confidently keep baits like bunker chunks soakin’ in the rough surf without worrying about its presentation on the hook.

Rapala Pro Rain Jacket
Rapala Pro Rain Jacket

Rapala Pro Rain Jacket

The Rapala Rain Jacket combines advanced technology performance with upgraded waterproof and breathable components, so you’ll stay comfortable and dry through humid summer monsoons or cold autumn showers. The nylon shell is made with Ripstop fabric to prevent tears and punctures around all those treble hooks. Adjustable drawstrings on the waist and hood, along with the adjustable hook and loop cuffs keep water out even through torrential rain and wind. Designed for all season anglers, each pocket has a purpose; there are two zip lined hand-warming pockets for chilly fall mornings, and two interior pouch pockets for dry storage and easy access.

Sufix 832 Advanced Braided Superline
Sufix 832 Advanced Braided Superline

Sufix 832 Advanced Braided Superline (in Coastal Camo)

Sufix 832 Advanced Superline is composed of eight different fibers for improved abrasion resistance, increased casting distance & accuracy, and reduced line vibration. The small line diameter and coastal camo blue fibers decrease line visibility for easily spooked stripers in shallow water, while improving sensitivity without sacrificing strength or durability for fighting bigger bass.

X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk
X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk

X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk

The X-Rap Saltwater Subwalk is a sub-surface lure designed to perform the classic walk-the-dog action that gets bass and blues fired up. With a maximum swimming depth of two feet, the slow sink and effortless glide will bring hesitant fish aggressively toward the surface for powerful strikes. It’s armed with two VMC 1x Inline Single hooks to keep fish pinned and still make for a quick and easy hook removal.

X-Rap Long Cast Shallow
X-Rap Long Cast Shallow

X-Rap Long Cast Shallow

The X-Rap Long Cast Shallow is designed to be fished through intense wind and poor weather, in order to target big striped bass and gator bluefish. Fish it in high and heavy surf or toss it from a safe distance on the boat to reach an active feed. As soon as it contacts the water, a tantalizing flutter on the drop allows it to be presented in different levels of the water column for a variety of retrieval options. Walk the dog sub-surface, twitch and pause, or just give it a fast, steady retrieve for tight wobbling action that resembles a fleeing baitfish.

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    1. Matthew S

      If you say Rapala backwards very slowly, it sounds like Gullible.

  1. Jack Mcgurin

    A lot of high quality equipment and gear. Looking for luck on this.

  2. Joe

    Rapala has always had a spot in my bag for it’s quality and fish catching qualities

  3. JCL

    looks like a nice package. Hoping for a little good luck with this entry

  4. Stewart

    Use the X-Rap Magnums exclusively for the spring run of stripers. Love these fish catching plugs.

  5. Steve

    I have fished Rapala lures for over 60 years. Never been disappointed.

  6. Bob S.

    Great stuff, I have many rapala lures for fresh and salt water. Also 100% finnish american.

  7. BOB Pazdan

    Never won anything in my life and I’m 73, good luck guys

  8. denise smith

    Love any kind of fishing equipment, not to many contests out there for that. Thanks for letting me enter.

  9. Martin R. Samelson

    Water temp in Casco Bay, Maine is 45 degrees.
    Martin in Maine

  10. don devanny


  11. Ray Parker

    These are really nice items to be given away… This would help cut my costs at the Old Inlet Bait & Tack Shop at Indian River Inlet, DE.. Who knows, Maybe I’ll get lucky. Thanks for the chance!

  12. Scott Spry

    Awesome Rain Jacket – been a Rapala fan for over 40 years!

  13. mike from wesrern ma.

    Nice looking rain jacket! hope I win one. ir not where can I get one?

  14. Capt. Harry

    I love Rapala gear – been fishing their products for over 45 years now both fresh and salt water – consistent quality & well priced – great contest, thanks

    BTW I sure could use a good “rain jacket” right about now

  15. David Fischer

    Ty for this opportunity I am a big Rapala fan I am a big fisherman on lake Ontario with the variety of fish I seek and would be honored to support Rapala products !

  16. S. Anderson Sr.

    My wife accused me of having an affair, “To many long nights catching fish with my Rapala on the Flats” Honest !

  17. Richard Greenwald Great giveaway count me in thank you

    Great giveaway like always count me in on this one

  18. Jeff dobbs

    Best ever fishing gear using sense I was 9 years old 50 years

  19. Johnny Sigona

    Rapalas are my GO TO bait for trout fishing. It always out performs the people around me using worms and powerbait

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