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Throughout the course of the fishing season, a wide variety of fish end up on our fillet table at On The Water. We first sharpen our knives during the spring blackfish season, before scup and black sea bass open, and those find their way to the cutting board. Next up is summertime fluke, then tuna, bonito, perhaps a tilefish or two, and once in a while, a striped bass. We end the season as we began, with blackfish, or maybe a few cod if we’re lucky.


Just like we wouldn’t use the same recipe to prepare all these species (although frying might work), we don’t use the same blade to process them. We need a longer, flexible blade to fillet the fluke, a short, but still flexible blade for the sea bass and scup, and a stout blade to carve up the stripers, tuna, and tog.

Havalon Talon fish
Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System

This makes the Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System an indispensable tool. The internal locking mechanism on these knives allows us to seamlessly change blades, which is especially useful when processing a mixed bag of fish. The Talon handle can fit any style Talon Blade, from the 9-inch for fluke to the 5-inch for scup. There are serrated blades for cutting bait, and even blades for hunting season, all easily interchangeable on the same Talon handle.

All Havalon blades are made from AUS-8 stainless steel, and are sharpened to a surgical edge. The handle features a textured grip for sure handling, and the internal locking mechanism secures every blade in place without sacrificing cutting area. Changing out the blades is as easy as pressing a button, and to make sure everything stays clean, the handle’s back panel can be removed for easy cleaning.

Havalon Talon
Havalon Quik-Change II Interchangeable Cutlery System.

To kick off your set, check out the Talon Fish Pack. It comes with the Talon handle, four blades, and a rugged nylon roll pack, with extra slots for when you add to your set. It easily stores in the boat or kitchen, or wherever you keep your knives between afternoons at the fillet table.

62 on “Win A Havalon Fishing Knife And Tool Package!

    1. Roman

      They look like they are quality. I love the concept of interchangeability. Everything you need is in one pouch. Talk about convenience!! And space saving too.

  1. mike kraynanski

    This would really up my fish cleaning game! thanks for the chance to win!!

  2. Brian Smith

    I am always looking for a better filet knife. I probably filet around 500+ pounds of fish a year.

  3. Keith A Diebold

    I understand you are trying to increase your circulation but you keep putting up these “Chances to win” things and completely exclude your loyal customers and followers from a “Chance to win”

  4. John

    Love to win this product.
    I have the hunting knife I have been using for years cleaning waterfowl and hands down my go to knife. Only changed the blade once after hundreds of pheasants and geese and probably didn’t need it but I had the blades so I did it. So easy to change them.
    I have a few fillet knives I use not loving any of them. This should be the answer to that.
    I just saw this has a 9” inch option wow this will be the ONE!

  5. peter dalton

    It would be GREAT to have this knife on the boat. I would demonstrate the quality of this knife to everybody that gets on my boat and all members of the STELLWAGEN BANK CHARTER BOAT ASSN..

  6. Francis S.

    Would be a great way to start off the 2020 season using the Havalon blades filleting my first catch of the season.

  7. Breck James

    I’m sure we could put the great looking knife set to good use when returning from the Ledge with a couple of 40 pounders

  8. arnold moeller

    great magizne keep up the informative information you have been printing.

  9. Ken Benson

    I can use a new knife and this would be great for trips to Cape Cod Canal, and the Striped Bass Fishing Derby on the Vineyard, the 1st week in Oct. I’ve been doing an annual trip over 40+ yrs.

  10. Michael J. Lynch

    The Canal, local pond , camping anywhere. Awesome looking knife. Excellent magazine.

  11. Ken B

    Thanks for the chance to possibly win this Quality set….Bow to the King !

  12. Bill

    Looks great if I don’t win I most likely will buy one. Get ready for catch and fillet

  13. Gary Rubin

    Great idea and would love to have one. I fish for a lot of different species and have a different knife for each one. My fluke knife really isn’t ideal for Sea Bass or Tog. Love having the flexibility to seamlessly change blades and clean up feature shows this was designed by a fisherman for a fisherman. Thanks

  14. Richard

    Just the thought of starting to surf cast and using the knife on a Stripe Bass (keeper) makes me smile.

  15. Richard Stachrski

    Who couldn’t use a set of awesome knives. Especially ones customized for different types of fish. I’ll put them to good use.

  16. Rita Haines

    My husband can fillet fish in his sleep. This set would be a tremendous treat for him.

  17. Cindy Moriarity

    They look like nice blades to filet all the fish I’m gonna catch.

  18. Robert Smith

    Great product made of high grade materials, will last a lifetime !!

  19. Dirk Neal

    Very nice knife set I am going to have to get myself a set because I have a great chance of not winning the contest

  20. Paul

    Like the lotto, better chance at lightning, but u gotta be in it to win it

  21. Lisa

    My hubby would LOVE this! I would love to win it for him! Been a rough year! Need something good!

  22. Daniel Erwin

    Looks like a pro. chef fish cutting set-up, sure would love to have one!

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