FishLab’s New Offshore Hard Baits

The new lineup of offshore fishing hard baits by FishLab are constructed with durable bodies and top-notch components to take abuse from big game fish.

Haven’t heard of FishLab? They are a team of serious anglers who take a scientific approach to developing lures that catch fish. The water is their lab, and every lure is developed through time and testing, tweaking variables until they discover a successful formula.

Hooker Stick Bait

6.25″ (3.5-ounce) Hooker Stick Bait – $28.99

The FishLabHooker Stick Bait is a large, wide-bodied stick bait designed for big game fishing. With top-notch components, it’s made to take abuse.
Target Species: Yellowfin Tuna, Bluefin Tuna

Action: The slow-sinking, weighted design gives it a unique action. On a straight retrieve, it has a great gliding/swimming action that wary tuna can’t resist.

Patterns: Ballyhoo, Saury, Maasbunker, Mackerel, and Baitfish


  • Solid thru-wire rigging for the ultimate in durability
  • Reinforced ABS body construction
  • Fixed weight design is completely silent
  • 6.25″ size pre-rigged with Owner ST 2/0 Treble Hooks & HD Split Rings
FishLab Wing Stick Bait

4.75″ Wing Stick Bait – $19.99

The FishLab Wing Stick Bait is designed for those times when big fish are feeding on relatively small baits. Comes pre-rigged with top-notch components, ready for big fish.

Target Species: Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi, Striped Bass and Bluefish.

Action: Perfectly balanced for long casting and a level presentation with an erratic action.

Patterns: Halfbeak, Natural, Purple Back, Clear Pink, Bonito and Skippy


  • 4.75″ in length and weighs 1 ¾ ounces
  • Erratic action calls in fish from a great distance 
  • Pre-Rigged with Owner ST Size 1 Treble Hooks
FishLab Winglet stick bait

3.5″ Winglet Stick Bait – $11.79

The new FishLab Winglet stick bait is solid zinc stick bait designed to “match the hatch” when big game fish are feeding on small bait.

Target Species: Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna, Mahi, Striped Bass

Action: Casts like a bullet, sinks quickly, and can betwitched or fished with a straight retrieve.

Patterns: Pink Back, Natural, Purple Black, Sardine, Black Silver and Halfbeak


  • 3 ½” in length, weight of 1 ½ ounces
  • Solid Zinc bait casts like a bullet and gets down to fish. 
  • Pre-rigged with Owner ST Size 6 Treble Hooks
Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait

3 1/3″ Flanker Speed Jig – $17.99

The FishLab Flanker Speed Jig Stick Bait is a slim-bodied, mid-sized stick bait designed for high-speed retrieve when fishing for big game.

Target Species: Bluefin Tuna, Mahi, False Albacore, Striped Bass, Bluefish

Action: Designed for a high-speed retrieve to trigger strikes from pelagic fish and aggressive predators.

Patterns:  Natural, Sprat, Clear Pearl, Funa, Frostie, Flash and Blue Dot


  • Solid thru-wired design for the ultimate durability for large pelagic fish.
  • Reinforced ABS construction. 
  • Pre-rigged with Owner ST Treble hook and nose split ring
  • 3.3″ Pre-rigged with Owner ST size 4 Treble Hooks
Tighthead Prop Stick Bait

5.5″ Tighthead Prop Stick Bait – $23.49

The Tighthead Prop is a unique stick bait with an underbelly blade that gives it more flash and movement than a standard stick bait.

Target Species: Bluefin Tuna, Yellowfin Tuna

Action: The slow-sinking, rocking, weighted design gives it a very interesting and subtle movement on the drop. It also features a great gliding/swimming action on a steady retrieve.

Patterns: Skippy, Natural Sardine, Pink Shiner, Dorri, Budgie and Black Belly Mullet


  • 5 ½” size weighs 2 ¼ ounce
  • Belly blade gives the bait an erratic fall with more flash and movement
  • Pre-rigged with Owner S 125M single hooks attached with HD split rings

18 on “FishLab’s New Offshore Hard Baits

  1. Douglas Smith

    I will keep you posted when I get back to work. Thank You 🙏
    This is a great day. I hope I win just one of those great lure packages.
    I love fishing. It’s great therapy. Thank You very much 😎

  2. Chris B

    Sweet looking lure packages right there! I love the sweatshirt too. Where can I get one if I’m not the lucky one to win?

  3. Troy P

    Nice looking lures – if I win the only thing I want to say is “Fish On”

  4. T polino

    What an amazing lure package, can’t wait to land a Cow with them.

  5. Louis LARUSSO

    I have used quite a few fish lab Lures Excellent quality and Durable

  6. Richard Greenwald Great giveaway count me in thank you

    Great giveaway come here and thank you

  7. Ben

    These baits look amazing. However, the specs of the wing bait lead me to believe that I will need a bigger tackle box!!

  8. Matyitiyahu Herzog

    I bought a couple Winglets a few weeks ago but have not been able to test them yet. The build quality looks good. They are shipped from Okuma, Inc. which I found interesting.

    1. Matyitiyahu Herzog

      I mean the Flanker. These are solid resin casting jigs. Plenty heavy for long range casting to hard tails.

  9. Michael Kraynanski

    Maybe this is what I need to actually catch a fish!! Thanks for the chance!!

  10. Don Brown

    Never had the opertunity to use a fish lab lure . But I can see that will catch

  11. Abbie smith

    Bring a 15 year old girl, most people expect me to catch nothing but a “seaweed fish”. With this lure pack, I will be able to up my game and show all the tinny rats out there what a girl can really do. Would be great to win!!

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