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Fish Snax Lures is dedicated to developing, testing, and producing the premiere soft baits on the market. A company owned and run by fishermen that are committed to their products. We make baits so fishermen catch more fish.

The inventor of the Albie Snax and Super Snax, Alex Peru, spent countless hours refining prototypes of these lures prior to their present design.

Alex Peru
Alex Peru

He is an avid fisherman with a keen sense of what turns fish on to an artificial bait. Not only was he concerned about the lures ability to attract strikes, but the snax lure line unique long casting character.

Ed Caldwell and Carlos Fonts have used Alex’s lures for years, and bring an ongoing dedication to produce his great baits and bring future Alex creations to market. Let us know how we can improve our products, and share with us your pictures and stories of using Fish Snax Lures. Tight lines.

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Feed the fish Albie Snax

Albie Snax

Effective for false albacore, stripers, tuna, bluefish, and other inshore species. Available in 6 different colors to choose from.


Hard Snax

The lifelike action of these resin coated jigs makes this a go-to for false albacore and other inshore species. Available in 3 different colors to choose from.

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