Enter To Win One of Three Bubba Blade Fishing Prize Packages!

Michelle Mueckler, Donald Oberg and Glenna Forbes have all been selected as winners in On The Water鈥檚 Bubba Blade Angler’s Prize Pack Giveaway!

57 thoughts on “Enter To Win One of Three Bubba Blade Fishing Prize Packages!

  1. Miles Wolff

    I love bubba blade knifes and I need a new one, mine is 3 yrs okd

  2. John Patrick McCarty

    On the rebound still from having tackle and tolls stolen. One piece at a time.

  3. Joe Lupton

    I watch Darcizzle use these all the time and would like to have them. Pull my name out of the hat!

  4. Tim

    I never win anything so maybe I will win these.
    I will of course because I never catch anything either so it only makes sense that I would win some really sweet fishing pliers. 馃槀

  5. Ed Griffith

    Living at the Jersey Shore ,I鈥檇 love to try to ware that stuff out.

  6. Kevin Bray

    Would love to win . Just had a set of twins, my wife won鈥檛 let me buy anything new 馃檨

  7. Pete

    Excellent quality on their knives, never used the pliers but they look good.

  8. Greg Kieslich

    My 6 year old son is addicted to anything fishing. (Runs in the blood). He would be thrilled to have any of the tools and put them to the test! Safe fishing everyone!

  9. Rick Torres

    Awesome looking set. Have heard nothing but good things regarding their products. A vital component of any fisherman’s arsenal.

  10. Ramon Bobea

    For the last 4 years, I have been using an old kitchen filet knife that I found in the draws. My friend bought a BBB and I use it last week for the first time, now I know what fileting feel like, no the butchering I use to do. Good luck to everyone.

  11. Raymond D. Ross, Jr.

    I would really like to win these fine Fishing Tools, I could really use them., especially if I ever catch a Fish. Thanks. Ray Ross, Jr.

  12. sea u later

    I just lost my filet knife overboard. Timing would be great if I won

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