Take Back the Beach with Calcutta

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With summer coming to a close, the beach umbrellas, volleyball nets, and sun-worshippers will be heading inland, leaving the surf and the sand to the fishermen.

Surf fishermen are always seeking new ways to trek their tackle to the water’s edge, without exhausting themselves before it’s time to do battle with the big fish that swim beyond the breakers. Calcutta offers a number of tackle transportation solutions to help surfcasters keep gear organized and close at hand however they prefer to fish the beach.
Calcutta beach cart

Bait and Wait

With seven durable PVC rod and accessory holders on the Surf, Sea Striker Surf Cart, fishermen won’t have to leave anything behind when planning a eight-and-bait assault on their favorite beach. With capacity for up to a 54-quart cooler, there’s plenty of room for carting out bait and carting back the catch of the day. Galvanized steel construction with tough powder coat finish withstands windblown sand and salt spray while wide-surface plastic wheels roll easily from parking lot to soft sand.

Calcutta Explorer Tackle Bag

It’s easy to organize tackle efficiently and securely with the Explorer Tackle Bags. The main storage compartment includes four tackle trays, perfect for holding terminal tackle and lures, while external pockets provide additional storage for pre-tied rigs, leader material, and tools. An exterior pliers holster on side pocket provides fast access, and easy-grip zipper pulls allow for effortless opening, even with wet hands.

Calcutta Keeper Dry Waterproof Backpack 28

Walk and Cast

The lightweight Calcutta Keeper Dry Waterproof Backpack 28 combines the best of dry bag technology with all the features you would expect from premium travel gear. Being 100% waterproof, it’s perfect for protecting valubles during deep wades and downpours. Oversized ergonomic, padded shoulder straps make hauling gear down the beach a breeze, while three external pockets, an interior removable sleeve, and an additional internal zippered mesh pocket provide plenty of storage and gear organization. The pack itself easily holds several tackle trays, along with a rainjacket, water bottle, and anything else you might need to chase down fish in the surf.

Calcutta Soft Sided 20 Pack Backpack Cooler

Whether casting for kingfish, fluke, or any number of the great-eating fish that swim through the surf, the Calcutta Soft Sided 20 Pack Backpack Cooler is easy to carry, keeps the catch—and some post-fishing beverages—chilled. The insultated soft cooler is easy to carry, comfortable to use and transport, and provides impressive performance.


28 on “Take Back the Beach with Calcutta

  1. Roman Dudus

    It’s a Great prize for the surf anglers for fishing the beaches from New Jersey all the way up the coast to Maine. It stores all the important necessities from fishing rods and tackle to cold beverages. Just pack up the surf cart, put on your sun glasses and hit the beaches with no worries about forgetting anything. This definitely makes fishing places like Watch Hill and Race Point more accessible for us that don’t have a four wheel drive to drive on the beaches. I will bet that you can even hook it up to a bike and make the seven miles of the Cape Cod Canal seem like a cake walk. What a package!!

  2. Catherine Guzik

    How wonderfilled all of this is! Perfect for these COVID times….but for my life perfect anytime!

  3. Joe

    Great prizes for any beach surf trip. Would really enjoy it on B!ock Island

  4. Robert DeMore

    thank you for let me enter the contest .I watch on the water every weekend and plus all the fishing shows out there

  5. Raymond Ross

    I would be a happy old man if I could win. I’ve been trying to win for a long time. Thank You for doing this.

  6. billy henault

    thanks for the chances..would be a sweet prize to win seeing my backpack crapped the bed…fingers crossed thanks again

  7. Michael Kraynanski

    I need this gear to up my beach game!! Thanks for the chance!

  8. James

    Been filling out every entry for anything posted as a giveaway on this site but never win, hopefully once

  9. Dawn grieco

    Thanks for the pick me up give away ! Stay safe & thank you ! Happy fishing to all 🦈

  10. Sharon

    I’d love to win this package. I’m getting too old to out my gear down to the water’s edge, and lugging it back uphill to the car is getting harder every year.

  11. Peter Kerch

    Time to wack em and smack em! I got what it takes to take what you got! Bring it on! 🎣

  12. Fishing Mortician

    New rod and reel new beach cart on the water christmas

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