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While the company is relatively new to American anglers, BKK has been manufacturing fishing hooks since 1856. Over six generations, the Zhan family took a small workshop supplying hooks to fishermen in Poyang, China, and grew it into a large-scale modern production plant that ships hooks around the world. That original workshop still stands today—though partially flooded and in ruins—with the original sign and its message that captures BKK’s mission to this day: “We make every type of fishing hook.”

Of BKK’s extensive catalog, some of the most interesting products among Northeast anglers include the BKK-LONEDIABLO inline single hooks. Each hook is hand ground, ensuring a super-sharp point, and is finished with BKK’s bright tin coating which keeps the hook in fishing shape for longer. The “micro ring” is welded closed, eliminating a possible point of failure—this makes the hook suitable as a treble hook replacement on striper plugs as well as tuna stickbaits.

Lone Diablo
Lone Diablo

Unique among BKK’s hooks is a pound test rating that comes on the package. The 5/0 BKK-LONEDIABLO, for example, is able to withstand approximately 137 pounds of pressure.

BKK Raptor Z Treble Hooks
BKK Raptor Z Treble Hooks

The BKK-RAPTOR-Z Treble Hooks are already taking hold among the Northeast’s spinning rod tuna captains. The hand-ground points and powerful design are able to find purchase even in the hard mouths of big bluefin tuna.

Hybrid Heavy Circle SS
Hybrid Heavy Circle SS

The Hybrid Heavy Circle SS complies with the current striped bass bait fishing regulations and features a needle hook point super-slide coating for easy penetration in the corner of the striper’s jaw.

The TITANDIVER+ Worm Hooks have applications in fresh and saltwater. With models from 6/0 up to 18/0, anglers can rig super-sized soft plastics on large enough hooks to get solid sets on big predators like stripers, pike, muskies, tarpon, and even tuna. Unique among worm hooks is a replaceable weight that can be added or removed from the hook without removing the soft plastic. There’s also a spinning blade that attaches to the hook for added flash and attraction to the presentation. Each TITANDIVER+ comes with two weights and two hooks.
And that’s just scratching the surface of BKK’s offerings. With 150 years of hook development backing the company, it won’t be long before these hooks find their way onto the lures and into the tackle boxes of anglers throughout the Northeast.

34 on “Win a BKK Hook and Gear Package!

  1. Bill W.

    Never heard of BKK. Like the inline eyelet on hooks. Hope I get to give them a try.

  2. Brian Smith

    really sharp looking hooks and design looking forward to giving them a whirl

  3. Philip Petrone

    The circle hooks is something I’ll be seeking in the near future. Are BKK products currently sold in the US ?

  4. Channan

    You go BKK you will never go back best hooks I ever came across never fails

  5. Seymour Lebowitz

    They look like they are going to catch fish.. They already caught me..

  6. Buddy White

    I would like to try the circle hook since we have to use them in New Jersey now for stripers. I have never used a circle hook before.

  7. Roman

    This magazine is always giving away good, quality products that we all can use. Who can’t use more hooks?

  8. Mike

    Looks like real good hooks. Would like to win some. Thanks for the give-away

  9. Bob Neuweiler

    As a pro kayak fisherman good hooks make all the difference .

  10. Greg Vernet

    I trust the products that are associated with the Striper Cup and On The Water. If I don’t win i will buy and use anyway! Looks great!

  11. john cressy

    Thank you for the chance to win , my daughter loves to fish , all kinds of fishing , loves testing out new gear

  12. Connie Boardman

    I pray I win!! My fishing is in desperate need of help.

  13. Bigfishposse

    Hopefully there will be a distributor here in the US soon..

  14. jim

    I’ve purchased BKK hooks before. Trust me, they’re quality made, very good steel and they don’t bend like the cheap ones do. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  15. Martin Jordan

    I would like to give these a try. I have seen add for them in the last few months. It would be nice to have another choice.

  16. Wildbuc

    Absolutely, want to test these products. Where in California can buy these products?

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