LIBBA’s Operation Christmas Tree

Instead of putting your Christmas trees out on the curb, put them to good use in preserving Long Island's beaches.

Each year, the Long Island Beach Buggy Association (LIBBA) has placed used Christmas trees strategically along the dune line at Smith’s Point outer beach to help preserve the dunes. The trees help catch sand blown up by wind, which strengthens the dunes, thus preventing erosion.

If you’re interested in being part of this mission, you can drop off your tree at Smith’s Point Outer Beach, just past the checkpoint where the designated drop-point can be found (Just look for the odd-stack of Christmas trees on the beach). Please make sure that your tree is empty of any ornaments, tinsel, or plastic before dropping it off!

Trees stacked along the dune line help prevent erosion. (Photo Courtesy of Dylan Jewell, LIBBA Director)

Since 1958, the Long Island Beach Buggy Association has been dedicated to preserving Long Island’s 4×4 beach access and the conservation of our marine resources. Known as the ‘Keepers of the Beach’, LIBBA has worked to preserve access to popular Long Island 4×4 destinations such as Gilgo Beach, Democrat Point, Montauk Point and Shagwong, and Smith’s point among many others.

For any questions about Operation Christmas Tree or the LIBBA, you can reach out to Joe Pellegrini, Director of Courtesy Patrol at

You can learn more about LIBBA and become a member at their website:

LIBBA Members at work preparing the Christmas trees for placement. (Photo courtesy of Dylan Jewell, LIBBA Director)

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