Online Course: Improve Boater Safety Around Whales

US Atlantic boaters – would you know what to do if a whale starts swimming towards your boat?

Accidental on-water collisions can be dangerous for everyone involved and result in costly repair bills for boats of all sizes. By participating in a FREE, 30 minute course you can keep yourself, your boat, and whales safe this boating season.

By the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Follow best practices to keep yourself and whales safe while sharing the waters 
  • Know who to call and how to share information with authorized responders if you encounter a whale in distress
  • Identify common whale species along the US Atlantic coast and recognize their behaviors, and more!

The first 300 participants to complete this free course will receive a pair of polarized sunglasses (made of bamboo!) complements of Whale and Dolphin Conservation and Sheehan Family Companies!

Click here to get started today!

See A Spout, Watch Out! is a partnership program between local environmental and government partners. This program gives boaters the tools they need to be prepared to share the seas with whales along the US Atlantic seaboard. 

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