On The Water Podcast Episode #2 – OTW’s Andy Nabreski

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On this episode, Kevin Blinkoff and Jimmy Fee discuss fool’s errands for weakfish and why Jimmy skips early striper fishing to not catch any squeteague.
This week’s guest, OTW Design Manager Andy Nabreski, talks foraging, shellfishing, and the fastest way to give yourself gout.

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2 on “On The Water Podcast Episode #2 – OTW’s Andy Nabreski

  1. Steve Knight

    Sea beans are also known as samphire and popular in the UK and sometimes sold by fishmongers. Shakespeare also mentioned samphire collectors in one of his plays.

  2. Muffy

    Enjoyed your “Living off the land and sea” podcast until you guys began getting dopey toward the end when y’all decided to gang up and denigrate the opossum.

    A plump specimen captured in the fall, September to November, that has been feasting on wild grapes and other wild berries, fruits and nuts is delicious. All white meat with the taste and texture of young pork.

    The opossum, just like the pig that y’all mentioned butchering in the podcast …and probably people too (long pork) —are opportunistic scavengers. If your diet is garbage, carrion and shit, you will taste like garbage, carrion and shit. You are what you eat!

    This autumn, find yourself a fat possum. You can easily outrun them, grab them by the tail, give a shake or two and they’ll usually play dead. Throw the possum in a sack and you got yourself some good eating. When dressing your possum, just like you would any small game (rabbit, raccoon, squirrel, etc.) just be careful skinning out the critter that you don’t cut or puncture the two anal glands at the base of the tail. Usually they pull off with the hide and you won’t see them. Puncture them and they’ll taint the meat, so be careful.

    Bon Appetit,
    M B

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