Ocean Born’s Swimming Bucktail

With his latest design at A Band of Anglers, Patrick Sebile has modified one of the most effective lures of all time, the bucktail.

Bucktails are extremely versatile lures; it’s why they were packed in World War II U.S. Navy Survival Kits. They catch a variety of predatory fish and mimic so many different baitfish, regardless of the environment.

The most distinct characteristics of the Ocean Born Swimming Bucktail are the ribbed belly and unique side wings. Sebile says the ribbed belly creates water turbulence, increasing fish interest. Furthermore, the side wings were built to eliminate snags on bottom structure. With over 32 years of experience in the fishing tackle industry, Sebile designed the Swimming Bucktail with a forward line tie. He notes that this, along with the ribbed belly, helps achieve a gliding action.

Ocean Born Swimming Bucktail
Ocean Born Swimming Bucktail

Available in seven colors and four sizes from ¾ to 2 ounces, the Swimming Bucktail is tied with sparse bucktail hair and can be fished right out of the package or with a trailer. Soft plastics, pork rinds, curly grubs, and artificially scented baits are some of the more popular trailer choices.

Released in 2019, it’s a big-fish lure that can be cast and retrieved, vertically jigged, or bounced along the bottom for stripers, bluefish, fluke, black sea bass, and other saltwater species.

  • Hook: The inverse-bend hook designed by Patrick Sebile, has superior strength and holding power over regular J-hook designs.
  • Wings: Side wings provide lift, meaning a fisherman can use a heavier lure (for greater casting distance) while still fishing the same depths as a lighter lure.
  • Line Tie: A forward line tie allows a natural swimming and twitching action on the retrieve.
  • Ribs: A ribbed belly creates turbulence as the jig moves through the water.
  • Metal Sleeve: The sleeve protects the thread wraps from toothy fish such as bluefish, adding to the life of the bucktail.

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  1. CScott

    I would love to see an underwater action video of this bucktail.

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