NJ Sets 2016 Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Regs

The New Jersey Marine Fisheries Council adopted recreational fishing regulations for the upcoming season during their meeting on March 3, 2016.

2016 NJ Fluke Regulations:

May 21 and end on Sept. 25 with a five-fish limit at 18 inches. The only exceptions will be in Delaware Bay with a four-fish limit at 17 inches and at Island Beach State Park, which allows two fish at 16 inches to be kept.

2016 NJ Black Sea Bass Regulations:

Black sea bass regulations include a three-part season

Open May 23 to June 19 with a bag limit of 10 fish at 12½ inches.
Open July 1 to Aug. 31 with two fish limit at 12½ inches.
Open Oct. 22 to Dec. 31 with a 15-fish bag limit at 13 inches.


Find the latest news and regulations on the NJ Fish and Wildlife website

7 on “NJ Sets 2016 Summer Flounder and Black Sea Bass Regs

  1. tim

    fishing from pier in summerspoint, also go out in friends boat in brigantine area…

  2. Jim

    Come on !!! Do you really think people are going to pay $$$$$ to board a party boat and go home with 3 seabass ?
    Or pay $$$$$$ for gasoline, food, boat fare, toll, drive 60-80 miles and spend the night offshore to catch just 10-15 seabass. Fuck the DEC. Something must be done.

    1. John (Dirk) Holthusen

      Jim, I agree with your entire comment. I’ve been fishing the NJ Salt waters for 50 years and the regulations placed on amateur Fishman are beyond STUPID. We pay alot of money through taxes on Gasoline, equipment, etc, only to be slapped with regulations that make very little sense. It’s the COMMERCIAL Fishermen (particularly the draggers and netters that put pressure on the different Fish Species. They have enough electronic gear to clear entire schools during their migrations.
      As an example, I’ll never forget the limit placed on Striped Bass when the netters were cleaning up the schools. Amateur Fishermen could keep only one Bass and it had to be over 32 inches! How STUPID was that regulation, as it limited fishermen to hunt for the big Cows (Breeder fish!)

      1. Dan

        It is sad that the average angler does not see what is going on. They blame bait, tides, each other, locations. I could catch fluke one after another in the back bays during the early 80’s.
        Many were only 15 inches but there was steady action, catching 40-70, and we threw back 90%. I have been fishing the same area since then, and now if you catch 10 fish in a day with three being keepers, that is considered a good day. Guys say that they need fancy artificials and a bunch of jigs, when back then we used plain hooks and minnows.
        Back then there was no fluke on the menus of Chinese, Greek, pizza, Mexican, and Italian restaurants. So now in addition to the expense of the vessel, gas, boat slip, reels, line, rods, sinkers, storage, repairs, bait, etc, they send the Marine Po,lice, and Coast Guard to aggravate us just to be the icing on the cake. And we pay for them to harass us instead of them allocating that manpower and funding to catch child molesters, rapist, and murderers. We are the dumbest group of people on earth, and lack collect testicular fortitude.

    2. Dan

      So after Sept 26th recreational fishermen can not eat sea bass or fluke, unless purchased. That commercial fisheries lobby sure is making sure that we all sell our boats and only buy what they sell to supermarkets and restaurants. If the fish are endangered then stop selling them!!!

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