RI DEM Busts Tautog Poachers

Officers act on tip of undersized and over-limit tautog being taken at the Charlestown Breachway.

RI tautog poachers busted

Environmental Police Officers from DEM’s Division of Law Enforcement (DLE) take poaching seriously and are monitoring Rhode Island’s coastline and waters for compliance with fishing regulations. Last week, Officers received a report of an individual taking undersized and over-limit tautog at the Charlestown Breachway. Responding Officers determined that the suspect had left the area before arrival but observed a group of three fishermen catching and keeping undersized tautog. Officers contacted one of the individuals after observing him transfer fish to a cooler inside a vehicle containing 13 tautog, 11 of which were less than the minimum size of 16 inches. While walking out to make contact with additional members of the fishing party, an Officer observed one of the subjects discard additional fish despite commands to the contrary. The Officer found them to be in possession of 14 tautog, 11 of which were undersized. Officers issued a criminal summons to two subjects for possession over-limit and possession of undersize tautog. The subject that discarded fish upon the approach of the Officer received a civil citation for failure to obey. The penalties for these alleged violations will be determined by the presiding judge in court. The seized fish were donated to the Amos House in Providence, a nonprofit social service agency that provides direct support for men, women, and children in Rhode Island who are hungry, homeless, and in crisis.

Help us protect our state’s precious natural resources by reporting suspected poaching activity to DLE at 401-222-3070 (24/7). Calling our dispatch unit while suspected violations are occurring allows Officers the most immediate response to stop active poaching. Be prepared to provide accurate location information, details of the alleged illegal activity, clothing descriptions, and vehicle/vessel descriptions to help Officers locate and catch poachers in the act!
Help protect what is yours and maintain a sustainable fishery for generations to come. DEM reminds the public that new regulations are in effect for striped bass recreational fisheries, allowing for the taking of 1 fish between 28 and a maximum size limit of less than 31 inches in length. Find possession and size limits for commercial and recreational fishing at http://www.dem.ri.gov/marine.

11 on “RI DEM Busts Tautog Poachers

  1. Fred DeFinis

    Good job once again by our RIDEM enforcement. We can only speculate about how many people get away with this criminal behavior but that is another story. For now, a tip of the hat to the good guys.

  2. Jon

    Dem needs to check out the docks in Pt. Judith! Here I am following the slot limit law but the other two ignorant people fishing down from me not measuring the fish just running them to their truck!

  3. Bill

    Good job,but just a drop in the bucket as there are hundreds possibly thousands of these out of state poachers doing what they do everyday all summer long on our coastli e

  4. Spencer

    That’s great, but when you start putting their pictures on the site, maybe then others will stop poaching.

  5. Ripper

    And again, no names. Need to confiscate tackle and vehicle!! Enough is enough!!

  6. Romer

    Great job again by RIDEM. Now unfortunately it falls into the hands of the judge who are useless to inflict any justice to these people(my opinion). Maybe and hopefully this time will be different? Not holding my breath. What about the names of these people? And their addresses? The news media reveals that information on other people that commit crimes, why not these losers?

    1. FRANK

      Unfortunetly Romer’s remarks will be removes although he’s spot on///TOG FISHING IS A GREAT SPORT IN ri AND SHOULD BE REPECTED BY ALL

  7. frank

    All fisherman who enjoy the blessing RI fisheries provide should do the right thing and report all violaters of our sports laws..

  8. Tom Martin

    I find it hard to believe that these men , by taking 20 extra fish are hurting the ecosystem. Then you get a trawler and it reaps 20000 fish per trip. Let it go.

  9. John

    I love it.. I been taking my son’s since they were in a pack n play.. we catch n release everything but the way people take everything there will be no fish. The providence India point n Collier park need to be watched on the regular they take 12in fish to what ever n as many as they can.. it drives me insane n almost been in huge fights over it… Please DEM GO TO PROVIDENCE N STOP THEM…TY FOR YA SUPPORT

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