Take Action: Lake Erie Walleye Minimum Size Survey

The New York State DEC is asking for angler assistance in evaluating the current minimum size limit for Lake Erie walleye to decrease release mortality.

Over the last decade, the Lake Erie walleye population has produced consistently strong hatches resulting in an increase in the number of sub-legal walleye being caught and released by anglers. Survival of these fish is low due to barotrauma (injuries caused from a change in pressure when fish are reeled up from deep water) and results in anglers having to release sub-legal fish that are already dead or not likely to survive.

DEC is in the early stages of evaluating potentially lowering the minimum size limit of walleye in Lake Erie from 15 inches to 12 inches. As a first step, we’re conducting a survey to better determine angler support for this regulation change consideration. Your input will help inform the decision-making process.

Take the Lake Erie Walleye Minimum Size Survey.

The survey deadline is January 27, 2023.

1 thought on “Take Action: Lake Erie Walleye Minimum Size Survey

  1. Donald Mullen

    I do not want DEC to increase or decrease the size Iam a charter capt. and I see fishmen cleaning walleye at the small boat harbor and many of the fish are less than 15in . check this out. the walleye as small 14in do lay eggs so let them alone CAPT DON

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