Striped Bass Poachers Caught with Gill Net

On May 7, a retired New York State Trooper fishing on the Hudson River near the Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge observed a gill net with several striped bass being hauled into a small vessel. As the boat returned to Charles Rider Park Boat Launch, the retired Trooper relayed the information to the Town of Ulster Police Department (UPD). UPD Officer Michael Miller identified the vessel and interviewed the boat operator until ECO Jason Smith arrived on scene. The two officers located a gill net hidden in the boat that contained 24 striped bass, 12 herring, three white perch, and two yellow bullhead. The gill net operator was issued tickets for taking fish by means other than angling; taking striped bass out of slot size; taking striped bass over the allowable limit; taking herring over the allowable limit; and failing to carry a marine registry, returnable to the Town of Ulster Court.

26 on “Striped Bass Poachers Caught with Gill Net

  1. william e grahn

    That’s a good start.I don’t think he needs his boat anymore,take it,sell it and use the money for enforcement expenses.

  2. Raymond Farrugia

    In agreement with both previous posts.. Unfortunately people who do this once,will do it again ,no regard for the law and usually anyone else for that matter.

  3. DBar

    Please publish the names of the violators. Once they are known to a broad audience, civilian watch on their future angling conduct is more vigilant. I support confiscation of all their gear, including the boat, like the $100/lb fine idea too. Punitive responses are important deterrents. Education must be part of the response. Require offenders to attend state operated classes in correct angling regs. Too many anglers are clueless about limits, seasons, slot size and more.

  4. Ler

    I want DNR check in Mississinewa river and Salamonein too few people do it same . and they took without limit, size.

  5. Rob Thorpe

    That will at least get you a slap on the wrist – yes , these are crazy times we are living in! Disgraceful!

    1. Eric

      “Snitches” as you call them, are followers of the law. You sir, must be not be a man who follows the law.

  6. Rich

    Great job, striped bass fishing should not be allowed during spawning season…..period!

  7. Skip

    Let me guess , Asians ? Or Dominicans. But I’ll go with asains for 500 bob.

  8. Snitches

    Raid his house too cause he got 3 to 4 freezer full of illegal fishing!

  9. John Francesconi

    No fine is too big for these low lifes. While the rest of us follow the rules, these fish killers defy them. Find out who they are selling the fish to and prosecute them also. No leniency for either the sellers or the buyers. Good job guys. Keep up the good work.

  10. George

    Despicable. Most of those fish haven’t spawned yet. A 15 pound female striper can produce approximately 1 million eggs. My conservative estimate is 3 million eggs in those fish. At 1 penny per egg, they should fine the low life $30,000 and post pictures of the boat so others on the water can be on the lookout for future violations.

  11. DD1968

    Sink the boat and make them watch. Totally unacceptable behavior. Hats off to the stand up guy who turned them in.

  12. Fish183

    Take their vehicle, Boat and trailer. Sell it and donate to the 1/2 the proceeds to the Special Olympics and 1/2 to the DNR law enforcement for better, newer, more equipment.

  13. Russ

    Having observed many people fishing under bridges, etc. & keeping fish outside the Regulations, I agree with most of the replies. On the other hand, most observed look like they are feeding families & not selling fish. In the current economic climate, I’d like to know more about this guy. Then make a judgement. (I release everything I catch as a matter of preference)

  14. jd

    he is a scumbag he should be in jail, you shouldnt be taken fish like your paid to onlyu catch the limit come back another day

  15. flyline

    Boat should be forfeit as it was used in illegal activity. Forfeiture is common when vehicles are used in drug deals.

  16. Daniel S Dziardziel

    The law should be , if caught summonsed as per$100 per pound and in addition take a mandatory regulation class.As required in a case of a DWI.and after course completion ,become an instructor for future violators.

  17. Richie C

    Good work from the retired trooper. Hard to consider it “snitchin” when it was obviously for the greater good.
    We all need to be vigilant for those who have no respect for our environment and wildlife.

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