New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen Busted Poaching In Massachusetts Waters

Massachusetts Environmental Police poaching evidence

On Tuesday, June 19, 2018, a Massachusetts Environmental Police Officer conducted a fisheries inspection of a recreational vessel at the boat ramp in Sandwich. The inspection of the vessel yielded 300 pounds of jumbo black sea bass, 73 pounds of large black sea bass, one short black sea bass, and 7 pounds of scup. The vessel operator presented the Officer with a New Hampshire commercial fishing permit and indicated he believed he could fish commercially in Massachusetts with said permit.

The operator and his passengers were each issued criminal summonses for fishing commercially in Massachusetts without a Massachusetts commercial permit and possession over the legal limit of black sea bass.

33 on “New Hampshire Commercial Fishermen Busted Poaching In Massachusetts Waters

  1. Philip Caron

    He lives by our state moto “Live free or die”. What a knucklehead!!!

    1. Bruce

      Please don’t judge all of us from the ‘Live Free or Die’ state by criminals like this. He surely knew full well that a NH permit was not valid in MA. He was just another jackazz who was sure he could break the law and not get caught. Like most every criminal he told and will continue to tell any lie that he thinks will help him walk away from this without consequence. After all, if you are willing to steal the resource what more does telling lies matter? They (or at least the ‘captain) should do jail time, bet they don’t show up to answer the summonses.

    1. Bill

      I think it’s just reporting. Mass Environmental Police have a fantastic facebook presence.

  2. Dan West

    Ass clowns! For every guy caught unfortunately there are 20 more ass clowns just like them getting away with it. Our resource officers do a great job, just wish we had more of them protecting our fisheries!

  3. Knot Local

    I bet he was entitled white trash like the rest of poachers out there!!!! ?

  4. Knot Local

    I bet he was entitled white trash like the rest of them poachers out there!!!! ?

  5. george A HARDING

    Something has to be done about illegal fishing especially commercial fishermen. I am guessing that fines are not enough. Perhaps vessels and equipment need to be confiscated.

  6. Shep

    Get rid of the commercial fishery, it will solve 70% of the problems

  7. Joshua Raboy

    Wow. Guess I’ll have to catch a Party Boat out Mass for some Black Sea Bass. It looks like the Black Sea Bass fishing in Mass is on fire, LOL.

    1. chris

      Not for long with this scum bags converting fish stocks into truck payments

  8. Roman Dudus

    We are getting to see these every week. When is someone really going to do something about it. Take his commercial license away for at least stupidity. These commercial fishermen should lose their licenses. Did they at least take his boat, vehicle and gear? Or did we give him a free pass like everyone else?

    1. Bruce

      MA probably can’t take his NH license but NH surely should, hope they can work together on doing so. There have to be consequenses for these criminals and tough enough ones that they start paying attention!

  9. STEVE


  10. chris

    For all you conspiracy theorists freaking about about the DEEP STATE consider who it is that actually enforces our fishery laws and prosecutes the greedy scum that view our shared resource as their own personal piggy bank

  11. Jeff D

    Good always brings out the bad!!! It’s just greed. Happens on the shore too!!! Good work epo’s!!!!

  12. Dan

    Fine him, take his boat and gear if they can. And, how about publishing his name!

  13. Bigfish

    Gut the bastards. If paying $50.00 for a license would add more environmental police on the water I would pay in a minute. Problem is the politicians would skim so much off the top there would only be enough for Bozo and a garbage scow to fight this kind of greed!

  14. andre d

    How can they think that they are still in N>H>does the Cape Cod Canal ring a bell . [ O wait a second is this Sandwich N H>. I agree with everyone take everything they have .

  15. RozzieBo

    Ignorance of the law is never an excuse. Until they make jail time, confiscation of all equipment used in these crimes, and revocation of Captains and commercial fishing licenses mandatory, this crap shall never cease.

  16. paul cuzzupe

    we all know what black sea bass look like, how bout a picture of the poachers. other criminals get to have their pics on the news why not these scum bags

  17. Mike B

    Black sea bass are so easy to catch and the limit is almost assured. Commercial fishermen are so regulated that they are not damaging the stocks. Illegal fishing is damaging the stocks. We need more EPO presence to pressure the poachers. What the poachers don’t take the seals will.

  18. Jeff D

    As I said, good brings the bad. I have lobster traps in the canal. I check them every week. Last week the traps were on the shore and opened. I reloaded them with bait, and put locks on them. Just checked them, the lines were cut and the traps were gone. You cannot get away from scum. I paid good money for the traps, permit, and put the time & effort in for some lobsters, but the scum won. Lucky I didn’t catch them!!! Just a example of what kind of world we live in!!!

  19. Derrick D. La Rue

    Great job ma dem. Take everything they own! To all the scumbags who want to violate our fisheries,THE CANAL RATZ WILL BE CALLING MA DEM IF YOU VIOLATE THE LAW.

  20. Derrick D. La Rue

    I wish MA DEM and all the STATE AGENCIES would work with on the water and publish their names! Because I fish the canal, putting their pictures all along the bike path. Maybe if these scumbags know people are watching them, it might change their illegal practices.

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