New York Striped Bass Poachers Busted

New York State DEC Environmental Conservation Police Officers have been busy enforcing Environmental Conservation Law, protecting fish, protecting wildlife and preserving environmental quality across New York.

18 illegal striped bass
18 illegal striped bass

Bag Full of Bass – Rockland County

On April 13, ECO Jeremy Fadden was on routine patrol along the Hudson River when he noticed two individuals walking along railroad tracks south of the Iona Island bird sanctuary. One man was carrying a large garbage bag and the other was toting multiple fishing poles. As the two men got closer, ECO Fadden stopped them and discovered that the garbage bag contained 18 illegally caught striped bass. The officer explained to the subjects that they are only able to keep one fish a day of the species. The ECO issued four tickets to the fishermen for taking in excess of daily limit, fishing without a license, and taking undersized species. All tickets are returnable to Stony Point Town Court.

ECO with 37 illegal striped bass
ECO with 37 illegal striped bass

Striper Season Starts Early – Richmond, Kings, Queens, and Bronx Counties

On April 14, ECOs Waldemar Auguscinski and Max Woyton began an overnight shift of recreational marine fishing enforcement for the opening of the striped bass season. The shift started quickly as the ECOs observed four fishermen in Staten Island catching striped bass before the season opened and hiding them in the sand. As the fishermen collected their gear and illegal fish, they were met by the officers. During a quick search of the area, the ECOs discovered 11 illegal striped bass, 10 of which were under the 28-inch minimum length. Next, the ECOs headed to Kings County where they quickly found four fishermen in possession of three undersized striped bass. An hour later, as the legal striper fishing season began, the ECOs encountered three individuals in Queens County that had already caught and kept 24 undersized bass. Another individual was found to be in possession of an additional undersized bass after being caught attempting to hide his catch. Finally, the ECOs headed to Bronx County and observed fishermen from a distance. ECO Woyton interviewed one group of five fishermen in possession of three short fish. ECO Auguscinski approached the other men, who attempted to throw a bag of six short stripers into the woods. ECOs found another group in possession of nine illegal fish. Over the course of the night’s patrol, the ECOs issued a total of 30 summonses for possessing striped bass out of season, possession of undersized striped bass, possession of striped bass over the limit, failure to release fish without undue harm, possession of mutilated striped bass, and failure to carry a marine registry. The 57 confiscated striped bass were either donated to food banks or released back into the water.

36 on “New York Striped Bass Poachers Busted

  1. Walter K. lamar

    Sorry but you are wasting your time ,they will comeback and do it again unless you call ICE

    1. Mark

      ICE? F off with your racism. There is no mention of any of the offenders race or citizenship status.

    2. puri

      what do you mean? call ICE! now they have anything to do with fishing? .make up your mind

  2. Bill

    So, in roughly 24 hours you issued 34 tickets on 75 illegal fish. Seems like $100/fish for a first offense would be reasonable. $250/fish for a second offense, followed by $500 and $1000 for 3rd and 4th offenses. If you have more nights like that, you could hire even more EPOs.

    1. CG

      I wish New Jersey would do the same! Take your boat and gear! $1000.00 per fish and incarcerate them as well!!

  3. Floundering

    why would you do that though. There is not a lot of meat on those and if you are caught poaching you can be fined more than you can make selling all of those fish

  4. James Donohue

    Good job guys. And Mr. Lamar, your comment is as racist as it is stupid. I’ve been fishing for stripers for 45 years and the vast majority of illegal activity I’ve observed in that time has been by white men.

  5. Brian P

    WTF what scumbags out there, it almost seems as if everyone is doing it… Did they notice anyone fishing properly and following the rules, jeez

  6. Matthew Herzog

    Publish the offenders names. Public shaming might help.

  7. Ralph Daviet

    We have laws on the books so everybody has a fair shot at catching Stripers!
    keep up the good work ECO officers!!!

  8. Mike

    Did anyone think about the future of the fishery.
    If everyone took shorts and the fish didn’t have a chance to repopulate what would your kids have? ……..Scientific research proves this.
    I surf fish and kayak fish ,salt and fresh water. I always blamed the netters for taking too much. The data show otherwise. Check out the IFISSH course @ year.

  9. dan rothman

    Which commercial boat’s net did they come from? They call these bi-catch when netting bunker.

  10. Larry

    Not only should they receive a big fine. They should be given community service sentence to clean up the water ways, canals and beaches. That other slobs leave behind.

  11. JT

    What kind of fisherman are these people they have no respect for the STRIPED BASS either play the game by the rules or just don’t play the game at all

  12. Al A

    Get the scumbags ,cut chunks out of there legs and use that meat for stripper bait.

  13. Karl H Kreutter

    Larry you are right , they should get community service and should clean up the beaches as well as the sides of the highways as they are probably the ones that litter there as well

  14. gburg61

    guess the fish are far more important than our rights against unreasonable search and seizure without a warrant?? IF agents see the fish ONLY that would give probable cause..”hey buddy open your bag” does NOT meet the requirements. To many died establishing those rights just to have courts ignore them

    1. Bill

      If you read your license to fish, I’d bet it says something about your catch being subject to inspection. The fish (and all wildlife) are the property of the State within the boundaries of the State. They give you permission to harvest some of them, based on their rules, including surrender of your catch for inspection. That said, it would only be an unlawful search if the person says they do not give permission to the search. If the police ask to inspect your catch and you say ok, they can search. Further, if they witness you catch an undersized fish and throw it in a trash bag or cooler or whatever, they have probable cause.

  15. John Harris

    Appreciate calling out the haters.
    Racism has to be called out whenever possible. Bust the poachers. Fines must be appropriate to deter future offenses. ?

  16. Tom Manion

    I see this all the time here in Old Bridge township.I always ask people if they are registered ,they say yes .When I throw back a short there looks could kill and I tell them they have to throw back as well,but who knows what they do when I leave.

  17. John

    We need enforcement of the law.
    Opportunity makes the thief!
    Stiff penalty and they wont come back. Make it unprofitable to steal.
    It is not like they are just feeding theyre family. I have seen that night fishing at jones beach.

  18. Nick

    Guy if you see people taking small fish take action. Call the police or eco asap. I personally take matters into my own hands I’ll tell them to put the fish back, if the don’t I make them put the fish back. I have beaten the shit out if people for it. We have to protect the fish any way we can! I just go to more extreme them others.

    1. Bill

      If anyone else reads this, DO NOT do this. Beating the shit out of someone to save a fish will wind you up in jail. They commit a civil action and you commit a violent assault. Worse, if you have a knife (likely, since you’re fishing) it can be elevated to a felony. Worse still, if they have a knife (again, likely), you can end up dead. Call the EPO. That’s their job. If you can’t get through, call the local PD and they can call the EPO dispatcher or State Police.

  19. joselito rivera

    its pepole like that the messes %&*% up for the people that follow the rules.increase the fine amounts and take their gear

  20. Charles DeVerna

    Giving summons wont stop blatant poachers…jail time might and add a fine to get out of jail after a day or two.

  21. Larry Diaz

    If you want to see poachers then you go to battery park new York City , you will cry believe that

  22. Joe

    being the first time on this website and reading everyone comment except for the first comment on top from that idiot – i do agree on the rules we have for fishing but who’s keeping an eye on these fish market that have lots of undersize striper for sell – i dont know if these fish markets are getting these striper for commercial license fishing boat or from poachers but every fish market I’ve gone into no matter low or high class I’ve seen under size striper

    1. Bill

      Many/most of the fish markets are actually not selling striped bass. They are selling a hybrid striped bass which is a farm raised cross between striped bass and white bass. They are smaller but pretty much identical as far as taste and texture. The only way to be sure would be to do a DNA test, I imagine.

  23. celeste

    Why don’t they take away their fishing license for the year? And the fines should be higher. By law they can also be stripped of their fishing gear and whatever conveyance they used to go fishing. I’m tired of seeing so many short, spawning and out of season fish being kept by these people. Our oceans are being depleted rapidly. And let’s apply the same pressure to the commercial boats that net fish and then by the time they sort them they are throwing back thousands of dead illegal fish. Its sickening.

  24. Shayam sooklal

    I hope to see enforcement officers more often cracking down on this illegal activity

  25. Seankelly

    I think we all should abide by the rules it says 18 to 28 and over 40 One fish per day in the Hudson

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