Yellowfin Tuna World Record Approved

The IGFA recently approved the 427-pound yellowfin tuna caught by Guy Yocom as the all-tackle world record. The fish was caught approximately 100 miles off Cabo San Lucas on September 28, 2012.  The monster yellowfin fell to a chunk bait drifted weightlessly through the slick. For the full story, check out the IGFA report, HERE.

John Yocom and his yellowfin record. Photo via
Guy Yocom smooches his 427-pound record yellowfin . Photo courtesy

The yellowfin tuna record has been broken a couple times in the past few years, all off the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Just this month, a 445-pounder was caught on the long range boat, the Excel, out of San Diego, but because a mate handled the rod while negotiating around the anchor, it is not eligible for a record.

While there’s no shortage of yellowfin tuna in our Northeast canyons, we’re lucky to see them 1/4 the size of Yocom’s record. But then again, you never know what’s lurking out past the edge of the continental shelf.

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