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I just got back from a few days in Pulaski, NY chasing steelhead with my friends Joe Cermele, Fishing Editor of Field and Stream and John Frazier, Editor of Fly Fishing in Salt Waters. In four days, the weather ran the gamut from pouring rain, to bright sun to wind and snow. We fished the Douglaston Salmon Run, which covers the first 2.5 miles of the Salmon River, effectively giving us the first crack at the steelhead as they moved in from Lake Ontario.

If I wasn’t a believer in the difference color makes when targeting steelhead, I am now. As we geared up in the parking lot before sunrise on our first day on the river, veteran Salmon River guide Gary Edwards told us to change colors every 15 minutes to show the fish something new.

Fish the rainbow. A small sampling of the patterns and colors that Gary Edwards carries when guiding for Salmon River steel.

Throughout the trip, no less than six times did a color change trigger an immediate response from the steelies in front of us. A couple times it happened right when we’d rotate between casting positions. Often the first or second cast from the new fisherman with a new fly resulted in a bright chrome steelhead tearing off downstream.

I’ve seen this with stripers too, when a change in lure color can put you into (or out of) fish. Sometimes a color switch will entice a larger class of bass. It’s safe to say, no matter what species you’re after or what you’re throwing, it pays to have a few colors on hand.

Even the color of salmon egg sacs can make a difference in whether or not a steelhead will eat.

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  1. Wayne Barber

    Afternoon fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout at Wallum Lake, Rhode Island has been consistent for your 2 fish limit with Night Crawlers under a float, instead of our previous way of inflating them with a syringe needle.Meal worms were catching smaller Trout and Panfish and the crawlers much largerfish.There was one Bass Boat that I observed in front of the State Beach on the East Douglas side.Jigging vertically straight down in about 35 feet of clear water for some nice small mouth in the 2 to 3 pound range.Trout Fishing at Spring Grove in Chepachet, Rhode Island has also been very consistent.The Bait was Orange Power Bait to lure the cold water prey. A reminder that your Mass. and Conn. Fishing License expire on Dec.31st, 2012, while your Rhode Island License expires Feb.28th, 2013 The last few nights have brought a little skim ice, so you should be checking your equipment for the Hardwater Season that is about to begin.Check your State Abstracts for the different regulations from State to State.5 tip ups in Rhode Island.6 in Conn. and Mass.Lead sounders are still legal in these 3 States at the time of this fishing report.If you are planning on going up th N.H. for the big tournement in Meredith, there is No Lead allowed under 1oz. on any thing in the hardwater, so check to be legal.

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