Assawompset Night

One of the nicer Largemouth Bass we caught at Assawompset Pond.

This past weekend, I fished Assawompset Pond. I know what you’re already thinking… I had permission from one of the residents to fish on his property. Assawompset Pond is the reservoir in the towns of Lakeville and Middleboro and connected with Pocksha Pond. These lakes provide drinking water for New Bedford. With the stories I’ve heard about fishing here, I could not wait.  We headed out on foot to the flood gates around 6 pm. I was told by my guide that the neighbors get pretty protective of their water, and they should – it’s a beautiful place.  On each of our first casts we both hooked up, Tim with a nice largemouth and I with one of the largest perch I’ve ever seen. This was turning out to be what I imagined. A few more casts and a few more bass this was great until another fisherman on the other side of the floodgate showed up with his dog. Now I’m all for taking your dogs fishing but don’t let them jump in and swim right where others are casting. Needless to say, the fishing turned off. We stayed because it was such a great evening and maybe the guy and his dog would leave. An hour later the guy at the other side of the dam packed up and said “I never seem to catch anything here! Have a good night.” Fifteen minutes later, we were back into fish – this time good-size pickerel. Around 9 pm we had to make a mad dash to the house not because or rain or lightning, but because of the plague of mosquitoes that came out. They didn’t even seen to be effected by the 40% DEET bug repellent I had on. Oh well it was great fishing while it lasted.  Finishing the night at Peaceful Meadows Ice Cream talking about past and future fishing trips was a great way to end the evening. Thanks too “Tim” for the great night.

Tim holds up one of the nice bass he caught on Assawompset.
A little bit of everything can be caught at Assawompset. After it got dark, the pickerel showed up.

3 on “Assawompset Night

  1. Dana Howard

    Hi just saw article about fishing lake assawompsett .I liv on the lake also and have caught many large mouth bass ,pickerel.yellow perch,white perch. In the last few years small mouth bass have made a surge. Twilight bugs are the worst carry you out of boat.

    1. Gregory Noyes

      I would like to try fishing there. Would you let me fish on your property if I gave you some local honey?I am a beekeeper from stoughton. Greg Noyes

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