Tales from the Striper Cup 2012

We want your stories. Long story, short story, anything about fishing the Striper Cup. Doesn’t even need to be about the big one, could be about the one that got away, or a great time fishing with friends. Just as long as it’s about the Striper Cup, we want to hear all about it. Tell us your most memorable moment of the 2012 Striper Cup, submit your pictures and you just might end up seeing it right here on the Striper Cup Blog.

For the months of July, August and September, we will compile the stories and each month have a feature story from the anglers of the Cup. Simply include any and all participant names, size of any fish and any details you don’t mind sharing and we will do the rest. Email any fishing stories to dcameron@onthewater.com.


1 thought on “Tales from the Striper Cup 2012

  1. Michael Card

    My favorite time and place to catch Stripers is a sunrise low tide during a full or new moon at the mouth of the Merrimac River on Plum Island. Hearing about the early arrival of Stripers I set out at 3am on the Full Moon tide in early May. I rigged up my line with a healthy worm and let her go. First drift, nothing, reeled back in and tossed it back out. Suddenly I felt that tap that i love, gave her some slack and set the hook. My 8′ Ugly stick immediately bent way over and the the drag started to scream! I knew this was a big fish and hoped the knot I just tied in the dark was up to the task at hand. Using 30# braid helps in bring them in quick, but she wanted nothing to do with me. After a while I got her near shore and realized she was easily over 36″. Not wanting to hurt her, I waded in and measured her with my marked rod, the tail covered the mark! I reached down unhooked her, turned her around and gave her a slap goodbye. As I watched all the other anglers down river hook into big fish, I wished I had remembered my ‘smarter than me’ phone has a camera! As I marveled at my unbelievable first catch of the season I realized the memory is all mine.

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