Buzzards Bay Cobia!

After the mild winter, some anglers were speculating that some southern species might creep into Northeast waters if the abnormally warm weather and water temperatures continued. It seems like some of these predictions might be right.  A couple weeks ago, Grumpy’s Bait and Tackle in Seaside Park, NJ weighed in a 25-pound cobia, and just last Friday, another cobia was caught – out of Buzzards Bay, MA!

Dave Caruso was trolling a small swimming plug when the 8-pound “crabeater” hit. The photo, sent by Dave’s brother Paul Caruso, Senior Marine Fisheries Biologist at the Division of Marine Fisheries, left little doubt as to the ID.

The 8-pound Buzzards Bay Cobia.

Waters aren’t at their seasonal peak, which they’ll likely reach in August, so who knows what other unusual visitors we’ll see this summer. If you make any unusual catches, send the photo and report to


5 on “Buzzards Bay Cobia!

  1. mike

    oh man..thats a cool catch…i hope more weird fish are caught….i wouldn’t mind catching on myself…even a bonito false albie and weakfish

  2. BIGRY

    it would be cool if some mahi dolphins made there way up, even aleast to the vineyard or something, you never know maybe the water will get warm enough for them tasty fish…even so will still b heading south to target them

  3. Chip Bourget

    This is a very bad situation…Your article puts lipstick on a pig.. Cobia in Cape Cod Bay is not unlike the canary in the cave>> wake up and smell the reality!! global warming is real>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    With All due respect>>

    Chip Bourget

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