Weekend Fly Fishing Show Finds

During the winter here at On The Water, the weekend means one thing: Heading to one of the many fishing, boating or outdoor sportsman’s shows along the East Coast. This weekend, however, I attended the Bear’s Den fly fishing show in Taunton, Massachusetts, not as an exhibitor but as a patron. It was refreshing to be on the other side of the table for a change!

While checking out new fly rods, I stumbled upon the relatively new company, Beulah Fly Rods. These are very well built rods with good components. If you are hoping to pick up a good rod in the $300-$400 range, give them a look.

Beulah Fly Rods

One product I fell in love with was Clear Cure Goo. I like tying with epoxy, but I hate the mess the smell and waiting for it to cure. This stuff takes all that away. It’s  a liquid that comes in different thicknesses from thick (like epoxy) to brushable (like nail polish). There is even Goo that remains flexible like Soft Tex. Once you have it on your fly, just expose it to a special UV light and it’s cured.

Clear Cure Goo

The Bear’s Den fly fishing show is also a great place to meet fly tiers. One up-and-coming innovative tier is Pat Cohen of Super Fly. A tattoo artist from New York, he’s only been tying for a few years. Pat specializes in deer hair bass bugs, but his lures aren’t your normal bug. Each fly is a work of art. Some, I think, are too beautiful to fish. Check out more of his work at gotbronze.blogspot.com.

Fly Tier Pat Cohen
Fly Tier Pat Cohen

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