More Snow (Slush). More Fishing. (Weekend Report)

With last weekend being my first weekend off since I posted this Fishing in the Snow Report from late January, I planned on fishing regardless of the conditions. As a thick layer of slush began coating my kayak minutes after I launched on Saturday morning, I began to reconsider.

winter kayak fishing cape cod
Wet snow fell throughout the day, making the conditions less than comfortable.

My target was largemouth bass. I’ve never really done much fishing for largemouths in the winter, but from the sound of it, if you can find a concentration of them, the fishing can be pretty fast. (I would hear later on that the trout bite was phenomenal on Saturday in some of the stocked ponds.)

My target pond was relatively small, maybe 20 to 30 acres in size, and not very deep. Mushy weeds grew within 3 feet of the surface around almost the entire pond.

February Snow Day, Open Water Largemouth

On my third cast a healthy largemouth slurped up my Senko worm and got the day off to a good start.

The action continued pretty steady from there. When bass and pickerel proved to be a challenge, I rigged up a small Trout Magnet jig under a float and bailed nice-sized bluegills and yellow perch for a couple hours. I even caught a big golden shiner that, had I brought some large hooks with me, would have made an excellent live bait. At one point, a good-sized largemouth ate the tiny 1/64-ounce jig, but burrowed into the weeds on the ultra-light gear, and the hook eventually pulled.

Hook-caught golden shiner. I wouldn't mind live-lining one of these guys this spring.
pickerel cape cod winter snow
I was surprised the pickerel weren't more active. Only a couple tiny "slime darts" attacked my lures throughout the day.
yellow perch cape cod
No shortage of these guys -- some of which were passed along to a certain seafood chef with his own cookbook and a monthly column in OTW.

All in all, it was a very good day and lots of fun – but I wouldn’t complain if my next weekend off had some of that mild winter weather everyone’s been raving about.

One of many palm-sized winter 'gills.


8 on “More Snow (Slush). More Fishing. (Weekend Report)

    1. Jimmy Fee

      I was actually just fishing a wacky-rigged Senko, but a drop-shot probably would have been a good choice.

  1. Kierran

    Talk about a mixed bag! That golden shiner has big pike/bass written all over it…

    1. Jimmy Fee

      Seriously. I wish I’d had a bigger hook with me. I’m going to try to get some of those to live-line this spring.

  2. Mark F.

    Nice job getting out there on your yak in that weather.

    You are:

    A: Really, really committed or
    B: You really should be committed!

    1. Jimmy Fee

      Thanks Mark. It’s probably a little bit from Column A and a little bit from Column B.

  3. Eric

    Way to go Jimmy! I admire your dedication to the sport no matter what the weather or the season. I was out kayak fishing in Orleans this past January and landed a nice 18 inch, 3.5 pound largemouth on a jerk bait. I,ve been out a couple of times this winter and can’t wait to do it again. Good luck and put some scales in the yak.

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