80 Striper Cup Prizes Still Up for Grabs!

Though Peter Vican’s behemoth 77-pounder has in all likelihood locked up the Monthly Prize for June in the boat category, there are still plenty of ways to win, even without setting a record!

As of today, 6/23, there remains

So if you haven’t signed up yet, get on it, and get out there fishing. With 80 ways to win, your fish of a lifetime is only a cast away. And since you can only win one monthly prize, you won’t have to compete with Peter Vican in July, August or September!

2 on “80 Striper Cup Prizes Still Up for Grabs!

  1. George Madden

    What bdoes it cost to join the striper cup, my brother Robert and I are Interested?

    1. Matt C.

      Hey George, give us a call (508) 548-4705 and we’ll talk about you and your brother signing up! Thanks for following!

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